There’s a 13 yr. old girl living in my head: Journey of Abundance – Day 04

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Guiding Thought

Divine Love is infinite. Therefore, my source and supply are infinite. As I increase my consciousness of my Inner Divine-Love Presence as my Source and my Supply, money, wealth, and prosperity increase in my life experience—and I use that money, wealth and prosperity to fully express my Inner Divine-Love Presence.


I am a little distracted doing this today. Sitting next to the fire with smoke blowing in my eyes has made it a little difficult to read and write. But the fire feels so good!

A few things occurred while I was contemplating the Guiding Thought:

First, as I read and re-read the first sentence, it was almost like I was putting a check-mark on my mental checklist, confirming, “Yup, got that, check—Divine Love is infinite, and so, yup, check, therefore my source and supply are infinite.” No trouble there.

Then came the second sentence, “As I increase my consciousness of my Inner Divine-Love Presence…” >pause to think< Ummmm…how do I do that?  And a voice responded (with the tone and inflection of a thirteen year old girl explaining the most obvious thing to her younger sister), “Duh…. That’s what you’re doing.”

The really funny thing is this happened several times. I would read the sentence, and then my mind would just stop and I would find myself thinking…”How?” And each time the older-sister voice got more impatient with me, and by the third time I could just hear the subtext, “Are you really that thick??” Finally, it just clicked, “Ohhhhh yeah, this is a consciousness journey, just doing what I am doing is increasing my consciousness.” The older sister “voice” was rolling her eyes at me. I had to laugh at myself. It just goes to show that when the consciousness is working at getting something, even if I think I have this, sometimes a part of me really doesn’t, or there is more to get.

The second >pause< came in the last half of the same sentence, “money, wealth, and prosperity increase in my life experience…” And another little dialogue ensued:

Me: “Ok, so where is it [the money, wealth, and prosperity]?”

Other voice: “Shhhhhhh don’t think that—you are being skeptical, and you know prosperity doesn’t show up where there is skepticism.”

Me: “I know, but really…how can I affirm prosperity when it’s not right here in front of me?”

Other voice: “You know that prosperity shows up in lots of ways…you need to be open to the many ways, be thankful, and accepting…” (On this response, there was a bit of that “I know so much better than you” tone.)

Me: “What about money? Isn’t this supposed to bring me money??”

Other voice (Shaking its head): “You know better than that—and it’s exactly this attitude that is going to repel money from you. And besides…what about that conversation you just had this morning with that friend of yours, that is potentially going to bring you money. That counts. That would bring you money and increase your cash flow. Have you forgotten that? Here you are skeptical, ungrateful, and unappreciative. That’s what I am talking about being open and accepting. How can you receive, when you don’t even recognize?”

I knew at that point the voice was right, so I quietly left the conversation.

Finally, after getting through that conversation with my tail between my legs, the final sentence came with another [much-needed] check-mark, “I use that money, wealth and prosperity to fully express my Inner Divine-Love Presence.” Yes, check. I do that. I am generous. I live simply. I do the best I can to make choices about money that are good for me, good for others, good for the environment, and I strive to use any purchase to increase inner and outer unity.

Whew. I would say my consciousness got a workout today, distractions or no distractions!