Mama Said… : Journey of Abundance – Day 13

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Guiding Thought

Fill your mind and heart with Love, and align with the Light of Truth. Be Steadfast and focused on your own Loving Presence; live in the peace of fulfillment of your own Divine Identity.


This is another directive (see JOA Day 12) Guiding Thought, this round. I’ve been learning for a long time how to take direction. I remember when I was a kid—young, maybe 8 or 9—when mom would tell us (my siblings and I) to do something. We would whine, “But moooommm” and drag our feet. When she was (I suppose) feeling particularly frustrated, she would ask, “Why can’t you just say ‘OK mom’ and do it?”

It took a long time, but “OK_____” has become a natural response.

About 20 years ago someone explained the resistance to directives to me in a way I could understand and accept, in a way I could understand how to be directed without feeling used/abused, controlled, or like I had no choice:

The mind likes to think, question, and decide for itself. It likes being in control (even if it’s the illusion of control). But that actually takes a lot of effort, and the mind doesn’t always like the effort. So, when a directive happens, the mind is caught between wanting to control, but not wanting to put forth effort.

The remedy is to tell the mind in advance to accept a directive. Explain to the mind that by choosing to do what someone else says, or requests, or wants you to do, the mind is deciding because it has already decided; it is in control.

In other words, you direct your mind, before your mind has to think about it.

Saying “OK” and just doing the thing is actually a lot easier for the mind; it realizes it doesn’t have to waste energy on resisting and then on trying to figure out what it wants instead. Eventually, the mind likes direction. My mind often thinks (now), “OK, just tell me what to do.” When I do that, or when I do what someone else is telling me, my mind just relaxes and lets the body act.

There are also lessons in surrender in this process: who am I willing to allow to direct me? How do I know/trust that they know better than I do? For the most part, when it comes to daily life-work events, I just surrender with “OK”.  “Baby, would you take out the garbage?” OK. “I need you to interview twenty people and compile the responses into a report”. OK.

…Because these things don’t matter. I have no interest in investing the mental energy of resistance because these things don’t matter.

I am, however, very interested in applying the decision-making function of my mind when it comes to the direction of my higher Self, or my Soul, or my spiritual evolution. These things matter and I do not just say “OK” readily to others’ directions. In these situations, I think, I feel, I ask the part of me that knows what’s best how I should respond, and I decide.

The Guiding Thoughts on these Journeys work for me—I developed them through my own thinking, feeling, asking. This is me, directing my mind, making decisions that my mind wants to say “OK” to.

They may or may not work for you. Think about it. Decide. Adapt the thoughts I offer in ways that feel right for you, create your own, or do something completely different. But decide. This matters.


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