Hell yes! : Journey of Abundance – Day 16

Copyright Tam Black 2015 Designed for susanwithpearls.com
Copyright Tam Black 2015
Designed for susanwithpearls.com

Guiding Thought

Increasing your thoughts of Love and attitude of service dispels all fear of lack and limitation. As you serve more people with Love, money and wealth flows abundantly to you. Use money and wealth with love and wisdom to create a life you love through your highest vision.


In this physical world, especially in the United States, people are accustomed to doing things to get money. I do my job; I get a paycheck. I have a garage sale; I get money. I sell t-shirts online; I get money. I create a kick-start campaign; I get money. I get a loan; I get money. People’s experience with this is not a mystery or in any way shrouded. It’s very simple: I do; I get.

There is a direct correlation between the doing and the getting, with direct experiential evidence.

It seems pretty simple, pretty straight-forward. There are so many ways—it seems especially in the United States—to get money—an online store, building websites, making and selling stuff…it seems like it should be easy. We all know the stories of (apparent) easy success, like home runs on the stock market, the dot-com boom, or the teenager who sold his app to Yahoo for millions of dollars. If it’s that easy, why doesn’t every one do it? Why do so many people struggle with money and getting it? What do people who make making money look easy know that we don’t know?

These are some of the thoughts/questions that came up as I was reading the Guiding Thought. I don’t really have answers to give (though I did think of some), but as I was writing, I noticed two things:

1) The mindset I describe above is one of getting. I do; I get. It occurred to me that getting money also means getting people to give you money. And, I think that is where there is a major glitch in the whole “it looks easy” thing, because getting people to give you money seems hard. How do people do it? For many, selling is hard; marketing and promoting is hard.  A person may have the most useful/brilliant product, but if s/he doesn’t sell it, it amounts to nothing (in the mindset described above).

2) The Guiding Thought is a complete reversal of this mindset. It focuses on giving rather than getting. It focuses on serving people with Love, not on trying to get them to give you money or selling.

This attitude of Love®wealth does not correlate to many people’s actual experiential evidence (…because the mass mind-set has given people the experience of do®get), so, not only does the Guiding Thought reverse the typical mindset and turn it upside down, it requires a different type of experiential evidence which is a bit mysterious or unknown.

There is a very skeptical voice in my head that says, “REALLY? If I serve more people with Love, money and wealth will flow to me? ….Riiiggghhhtt.”

Skeptical just means lack of evidence. So, I hear this voice, and I understand where it’s coming from (I grew up in that mindset, after all), and I appreciate it because it’s showing me my doubts, questions, and disbelief.

But there is another voice (not as loud or prominent, but definitely more solid, somehow) that is reminding me of freedom. Yes, freedom. I know that’s a little out of the blue. Let me explain how it fits:

Freedom comes in at the final line of the Guiding Thought, “Use money and wealth with love and wisdom to create a life you love through your highest vision.”

You see, I love life. Love, love, love it! And I love having a life I love. That to me is freedom. It feels so good!

So, if I can increase my thoughts of love (sentence one of the Guiding Thought) I can feel this freedom-love thing more? …Hell yes!

And if I can share that feeling with other people, so they can love life more? …Hell yes!

And if people have lives they love, doing things to increase their own freedom-love? …Hell yes!

The thing is, in the other mindset—the consumer-money-selling-mindset—so many people hate their lives. And they are so busy trying to get money, they create lives they hate, just to get money.

So, if this Guiding Thought reverses that, turns it upside down, I am willing to listen to the skeptical voice, and then provide new evidence to change its mind, by

  • Increasing my thoughts of Love
  • Increasing my attitude of service
  • Serving more people with Love
  • Using money and wealth with love and wisdom to create a life I love through my highest vision.

Hell yes!

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