All that Matters : Journey of Abundance – Day 17

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Guiding Thought

Your consciousness is the gateway through which Divine Love flows, materializing your infinite Supply. Be now conscious of your own Inner Divine Presence—Infinite Love—expressing through you, providing you with the means to be aware, to understand, and to know It as your Self– more and more!


My mind began by being very distracted today. I could not focus or concentrate on any of the words of the Guiding Thought. My mind felt pulled in a thousand different directions, jumping from one subject to another.

My wild mind does neither me nor you any good, so I set about to focus and concentrate. That was hard. First, I made myself simply to (try) focus on the Journey itself, to read the Guiding Thought with purpose and intent, feeling the words. That didn’t work; there was still too much going on in my head.

Then I did some mantra, 300 repetitions of Om Namah Shivaya. That probably helped, but my mind was still going too fast to notice.

Then I thought, “Breathe, count your breaths.” So I started doing that…1…2…3… and my mind flew away again and didn’t come back to the breaths.

So I thought, “Ok, single-point, single point focus.” (This is a [primarily] Buddhist technique and is exactly what it sounds like: holding in the mind one thing.) The physical point of focus I chose was the middle of my forehead; the visual point of focus was the Guru, Babaji in his Angel of the Lord form. At last! That began to calm my mind. Then I was also picturing/ thinking about Jesus, Lahiri Mahasaya, and Leonard Orr.

Then, all of a sudden, I felt waves of gratitude.

These people, Jesus, Lahiri Mahasaya, and Leonard Orr—are/were people, just real people. They are/were not Gods or deities, distant spirits, disembodied, or mysterious (please note I am not objecting to or disputing Jesus as the Son of God, I am thinking more about his role as human). They live, or did live, human lives.

And, they were/are all devoted to the work of Love, the work of uplifting humanity, the work of helping others know love and healing and God.

And I started thinking about that work and how many others have been devoted to it—Avelokiteshvara, Kuan Yin, St. Francis—and so many others! And there is still so much work to do.

And thinking about my own effort of just getting my mind still, and how much effort they must have taken to do the work, thinking about the efficacy and lasting-qualities of all they have done.

My mind finally calm, I sat in these thoughts, which seemed a part of the stillness not an interruption to it, feeling such gratitude.

In the thinking I realized this work is all that matters. It is the only work that matters. Simplifying life to be able to do this work is all that matters. Uncluttering my mind so it is free to realize love, gratitude, innocence, compassion, is all that matters.

When life is lived devoted to the work of love, the work of life does not matter. The commitment matters. The devotion matters. Love matters. And effort is rewarded, as I experienced just in these moments of taking the effort to quiet my mind.

And I thought… “How can I help? How can I share in this work, continue this work of love, in love?” I took a moment to dedicate any good that comes from these thoughts to the benefit and enlightenment of all sentient beings. Then, I saw all sentient beings as points of light. The points of light increased and expanded until they formed one enormous ball of light—a sun.  And that was all.


"The Real Face of Jesus" Photo credit - Popular Mechanics  Dec. 2002
“The Real Face of Jesus”
Photo credit – Popular Mechanics
Dec. 2002
Babaji - Angel of the Lord  Copyright unknown
Babaji – Angel of the Lord
Copyright unknown
Lahiri Mahasaya Copyright unknown
Lahiri Mahasaya
Copyright unknown
Leonard Orr Copyright unknown
Leonard Orr
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