Of Oxymorons & Slippery Slopes: Journey of Abundance – Day 21

Welcome to Round Three!

We went through round one of this Journey (days 1-10), focusing on ourselves, the experiencing subjects of the Journey. That only makes sense after all, I’m doing this Journey so that I can experience greater abundance.

For the second round (days 11-20), the Guiding Thoughts were focused on a “you”, but the “you” was non-specific. You could have been directing the Guiding Thoughts to another person, or you could have imagined someone directing those words to you. Furthermore, the “you” could have been singular or plural, depending on your imagination.

Now we begin round three (days 21-30). This round intentionally joins us, with “we-our-us. I am not just I; you are not just you. As we, any abundance that is mine is also yours; I want abundance as much for you as for myself. We are in this together, and as we, we are equal.  Let that which flows through us all unite us and lift us!


Copyright Tam Black 2015 Designed for susanwithpearls.com
Copyright Tam Black 2015
Designed for susanwithpearls.com

Guiding Thought

Divine Love-Light is the Source of All. It is all good, all God. This Source is always seeking expression through us. Our awareness of our personal identity as this Source provides us with infinite fulfillment and prosperity.


Today I am fixated on these words, “Our awareness of our personal identity…”Awareness and “personal identity” are both, well…very individual; the phrase is contradictory, an oxymoron! It is really making me think…in a good way!

The first thing that occurs to me is that I have not yet achieved a level of awareness that lets me know for certain what someone else’s level of awareness is. I do my best to be in tune, in touch, “mindful,” aware, etc., and there are some times that I feel like I am perceiving in a more aware state than someone else, but that is a slippery slope, not to mention a judgement that I am not qualified for. So, what is “our awareness” if I am really only aware of my own awareness?

Uh-oh! My philosophy training just kicked in. I apologize in advance…

I am now thinking of some of my doctoral work, which was on Nicolas of Cusa, a fifteenth century Roman Catholic priest (and bishop), theologian, philosopher, and mathematician. In his work, he gives us a metaphor for thinking about God: In mathematics, when trying to find either the maximum or the minimum, the effort fails because there is always something more maximum or more minimum. Thus, “more” and “less” become transcendent in their meaning, in that there is always something beyond the immediate, beyond the knowable. This transcendence coincides with the transcendence of God as “beyond”—He is always beyond human understanding, there is always more. Yet, in God, everything corresponds only to God. In God all diversity is unified, all variety is unified, all increments are unified… (etc.)

 “According to the movement of reason, plurality or multitude is opposed to unity. Hence, it is a unity of this sort which properly applies to God, but the unity to which neither otherness nor plurality nor multiplicity is opposed. This unity is the maximum name enfolding all things in its simplicity of unity, and this is the name which is ineffable and above all understanding.” Nicholas of Cusa (1997), Nicholas of Cusa: Selected Spiritual Writings, H. Lawrence Bond, tr., (New York: Paulist Press) P. 28

Whew! How does this relate to today’s Guiding Thought and awareness?

The Source is One. We—our awareness and our personal identity—are many.

As individuals work on increasing their personal awareness or on the flow of Source through them, they are seeking “a maximum” (so to speak). Or should I say their next maximum, because there is always “more” to experience, “more” to achieve. There is always only more.

What if everyone is doing this all the time, in their own way? What if everyone is always in the process of seeking and finding more, whatever that is for them personally?

Then (if we use the thought of Nicholas of Cusa), we are all united in the transcendent pursuit of more, which becomes unified in its very transcendence, called by the name God. It is the very diversity and multiplicity that gives us the transcendent experience, as its own unification.

We are gorgeous, diverse, multiplicities unified by and through the very differences we pursue!


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