Check, Please! : Journey of Abundance – Day 24

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Guiding Thought

Divine Love is infinite. Therefore, our source and supply are infinite. As we increase our consciousness of our inner Divine-Love Presence as our Source and Supply, money, wealth, and prosperity increase in our life-experiences—and we use that money, wealth and prosperity to fully express our inner Divine Love Presence.


Today logic reigns. Or… should I say… the skeptic?

“Divine Love is infinite”…Check.

“Therefore, our source and supply are infinite”…Check.

No argument, no disturbance, just very rational agreement. What’s there to oppose in these two sentences?

“As we increase our consciousness”… “As we…” Ok, yes, that is what we are doing; this Journey is about increasing consciousness; I have been doing this Journey, therefore I am increasing my consciousness…Check.

“…of our inner Divine-Love Presence”… Well…hmmmm…I guess I do not have to fully believe in this whole inner Divine-Love Presence thing, in order to agree with this part of the Guiding Thought…because this part of the Guiding Thought continues to be about “increasing consciousness,” and since I do think that my consciousness is increasing (regardless of how limited my consciousness currently is!), then I can agree that my consciousness of my inner Divine-Love Presence is increasing…Check.

“…as our Source and Supply” …what exactly does this mean? I know it relates to the first two sentences, to which I had no objection what so ever. But how exactly does the increase of consciousness translate to “as our Source and Supply”? Hmmmm…I need to start over. Divine Love is infinite, and Divine Love as Source and Supply are infiniteCheck. So, if Divine Love is infinite, it includes me…Check. And if Divine Love as Source and Supply are infinite, that also includes me…Check. Increasing my consciousness to include myself in the infinity of Divine Love, as Source, and Supply is what I have been doing on this Journey…Check.  OK, so again, the part of this that I can agree with is the whole “my consciousness is expanding” thing. Who knows if it’s actually working (rolling my eyes)? Even though I have no real experiential basis for evaluating this statement, I am certain (an uncharacteristic leap of faith from the skeptic in me) that these Journeys are expanding my consciousness.*

“…money, wealth, and prosperity increase in our life-experiences”… Well… I did receive some money…that I used to organize my finances to assist me in getting to an even better financial situation…which overall will increase my wealth and prosperity. Does this count? I mean, it’s not like I’ve gotten a raise or a promotion or anything; it’s not like my regular income has increased…but I can’t ignore that I did receive some money that has contributed to my overall financial benefit. Not to mention, I’ve received many unexpected gifts over the past several weeks. Does this count as prosperity? How do I know when money, wealth, and prosperity are increasing in my life-experience?

I just realized! It’s as important to have a consciousness of the material aspect of this Journey as it is to have a Spiritual consciousness of it…in other words, if I’m not aware of receiving money, wealth, and prosperity, I can’t acknowledge it as part of my life experience. I had to really think to remember the money and gifts I have received. What if I hadn’t? Then there would have been no recognition…

Wow! That just jolted the skeptic right out of me. I remembered this conversation, the highlight of which was, How can you receive, when you don’t even recognize?

Now that the skeptic is gone, I can also confirm “We use that money, wealth and prosperity to fully express our inner Divine Love Presence.” …Check. This is another no-argument statement. What else is the purpose of money and wealth, but to live more fully in the Presence of Divine Love?

I’d also like to note that these types of conversations, should you also find them knocking about in your head, are part of the increasing of consciousness, part of the movement. “Voices,” objections, etc., are the things that need to come up, come out. Where are the doubts? Where are the holes? Where is the skeptic holding you back?

I let myself have these conversations, out in the open like this, but I never really know how they are going to turn out. Most of the time there is a moment, like there was above, where the energy just “shifts” and is all of a sudden gone. Letting the energy (or “voice”) come out is one way to release and transform it.

*The skeptic is saying, “I have no real experiential basis for evaluating this statement.” But since the skeptic is part of me, I do have an experiential basis to evaluate my progress—it’s just not stuff that the skeptic wants to acknowledge (that’s why for the skeptic it was a leap of faith). But I can tell you, my experience has been changing. My outlook has been changing. It’s very subtle, but I can feel myself more at peace, more accepting, more open; I visualize light and love more regularly, more naturally these days; I feel myself accepting a deeper part of myself, wanting to know that part more consciously, wanting to express that part.

The other day I was doing my breathing exercise and I was feeling a bit frustrated: I didn’t feel any whoosh of energy, there was no cosmic opening of my third eye, beings of light and angels did not come to sing me hymns. ”Why don’t I feel something!???” And all of a sudden, I felt the answer: Let it be subtle. That was it. Let it be subtle. Here too, with consciousness. These changes are slow and incremental. This is a gentle process, so that your mind can adapt. But the adapting is presented in a way so that your mind almost doesn’t see it or recognize it, because if it did it would fight you on its own growth, struggle against its own expansion. So. Slowly.  Let it be subtle.

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