How Many Light Bulbs Does it Take to Change… : Journey of Abundance – Day 31

Welcome to Round Four!

We are almost done, only 10 days to go!

Now in round 4, we come full circle and return to “you” as the subject, and repeat the Guiding Thought with “I”, “me”, and “mine”. Notice how (or if) your perception of “me,” “I”, “mine” changes ever so slightly, since you have incorporated “you” and “we” into your perception yourself; I know I notice how my self-perception changes. Now that you have reached out to others to support their Journey in the second and third rounds, the words “I”, “me” and “mine” become infused with all perspectives—“we”, “s/he”, and “you”—perhaps you will now begin  to see yourself as more connected with others. In claiming abundance for yourself, now your consciousness is also attuned to claiming it for others. You will “see” others attaining their abundance with you.

Allow your mind to link to Guiding Thoughts from other days, as you go through the one for the day. These Guiding Thoughts are designed to build on each other, to carry over into each other, and to interlace, building your awareness and understanding slowly as you repeat the practice.  Let this process happen naturally and organically.

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Copyright Tam Black 2015
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Guiding Thought

Divine Love-Light is the Source of All. It is all good, all God. This Source is always seeking expression through me. My awareness of my personal identity as this Source provides me with infinite fulfillment and prosperity.


I’m having two issues today. These both are things I work on regularly (though they don’t come up as frequently as they have in the past); these are both “core” issues for me. Though they have loosened their grip considerably in the past few years, I think there are still threads holding on, things I still need to pull up and out. These things come up, I work through some aspect; the issue dissipates, and comes up again at another time, for me to work on a different aspect. The first issue has to do with self-esteem, the second has to do with worth: I don’t love myself enough; nothing I do is good enough (not worth anything).

I have a saying: Everything is a God-issue.

What that means is, for example in this case: I am feeling low self-esteem (which means low self-love), and I am feeling “worth-less.” These feelings have come up because I am working on abundance (which is directly tied to self-love and worth). I could look at this and think that my issues are about abundance—that is the logical association. But, while these issues have come up around abundance, they are really about God, really about my relationship to/with God, my relationship with myself, in relation to God, my relationship with abundance in relation to God, my relationship with everyone and everything in relation to God. If I want to look at these issues as purely and as clearly as I can, I must look at them as God-issues, not as abundance or money, or worth issues. What do I need to correct/heal/change in myself, in my relationship to/with God?

Of course, the correction, or solution, is to look to God to figure it out. This is why everything is a God-issue, because everything is corrected or solved through turning to God. The thing itself is actually not an issue; it just becomes one because in that moment of “having an issue,” I’ve forgotten God. When I remember God, the issue disappears. (Note: if the issue does not disappear…I haven’t truly remembered God).

This works with anger or hostility; it works with feeling un-cared for and unloved; it works with grief and guilt; it works if you are feeling picked on, let down, unheard, defeated, self-punishing, deserted, bothered, burdened…I know, because this is how I figured out Everything is a God-issue.

I suggested in the “Welcome to Round Four!” above, beginning to connect the Guiding Thoughts together, to see how your consciousness evolves from one to the next, how they each build on and inform the other. I’m going to do that here, now, because I see a connection. Only, my connection is with the Journey of Worth (once you do several Journeys, you too, will begin to see how all the Guiding Thoughts interconnect).

I was just talking about how issues arise when God is forgotten, and the first Guiding Thought from A Journey of Worth popped into my head:

I have forgotten my Self. I have forgotten who I am. I have forgotten that I was established in Love and by Love, which is infinite and eternal; therefore, my worth is infinite and eternal.

I seek to remember my Self. I choose to remember my Self.

I choose to remember who I am and my infinite worth in Love.

I choose to be aware, to understand, and to Know myself (my Self) as the Love I am.

I choose to share who I am with the world, giving my infinite worth, measured in infinite Love.

(See the Sharing section for Journey of Worth: Day 01, here)

It is really a huge thing for me to remember my worth in Love especially on days of low self-esteem, or feeling worth-less. Today I am working on remembering, because it’s only when I remember that this part of today’s Guiding Thought fits: “My awareness of my personal identity as this Source.”

If I have forgotten my Self, then I’ve closed my consciousness to the Light of Truth, and shut the door to flow of Divine Love in me, through me, as me. I can only experience the Love I can recognize, the love I can remember.

In a way, I feel like this is a stumbling day, a day that I have been set back on my Journey… because….what is this? How many times do I have to remember to remember before I stop forgetting?

As many as it takes.



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