When Disentangling the Trash is the Journey : Journey of Abundance – Day 38

Copyright Tam Black 2015 Designed for susanwithpearls.com
Copyright Tam Black 2015
Designed for susanwithpearls.com

Guiding Thought

My mind and heart focus entirely on the Divine Presence I am. I think, I speak, and I act in accordance with Divine Will, releasing Divine Substance into all my activity and all my financial affairs.


One main theme throughout this Journey has been abundance is more than just money (or material things). Abundance is a) personal connection with Inner Divine Presence b) the flow and circulation of ideas, goods, and services within material reality c) allowing Inner Divine Presence to oversee and direct the flow and circulation of ideas, goods, and services in material reality.

Some days of this Journey my mind has concentrated on (a), and I’ve felt (b) and/or (c) to be lacking. But I also know that concentrating on (a) is the only way to assure that (b) happens in the highest (most loving, “right for me”) way possible. Concentrating only on (b) will bring about an invigoration of abundance in material reality (because the mind is always creating what it brings to its attention), but in doing so, one may experience glitches, unexpected (undesired) side effects.

The goal is both to bring the spiritual (Love) to the material (experience), and to bring the material (experience) to the Spiritual (Love). The effort must always be both ways. I must both think and act with Love. I must both evolve my mind toward Love and evolve my actions/situations/circumstances to align with Love.

Every step must align spiritual and material, material and spiritual. There is so much to this! There is waiting and patience. There is appropriate activity. There is disentangling trash I’ve learned that gets in the way. Each of these can feel like a detour, can feel unnecessary, can make me wonder why I am doing or thinking something, because I do not see or understand the immediate relevance.  There are moments of frustration, bewilderment, confusion.

But I think about it this way: The Journey is both forward and upward, and all parts of me must align together in order to take one step both forward and upward. If one part of me is out of alignment, it must be coached into alignment. That is what can feel like a detour—it can feel “lazy” or “complacent” or ambiguous. The other parts are saying, “Come on, come on, let’s go!” while that one part is still learning, still understanding, still evolving. The other parts can feel impatient or frustrated, because they are ready to take the next step…but they have to wait for the “slacker.” J (The “slacker” is of course still doing the work, just not as fast, perhaps, as those other parts might like or recognize.) (Please note that the personality traits I am giving to these parts are for illustration only…)

An example would be: In order to receive and experience all good, I must first feel like I am worthy and deserving of receiving and experiencing all good. My Spirit might be steps ahead on this (both forward and upward), but my emotions are stuck at feeling worthless. On a day of the Journey where this “worthless” feeling is prominent, it feels like a detour; but it is necessary to work through, so that my emotions come closer to what my Spirit already knows. It may take some time; a person with a lot of “worthless-stuckness” could even spend an entire Journey just working through that (goodness knows, I’ve spent a lifetime! And I’m still working through some of it!) …but they would then be that much more “ahead” for the next Journey!

All of this is hindsight. I see all this now because today…today, I feel a step both forward and upward; there has been an alignment. Something is clicking today. The past few days I have felt an ease in connecting with my Inner Divine Presence throughout the day, a natural, un-thinking association with my Self. That has then translated to an ease of loving and kind words and actions, a gentleness and care to all my interactions. I have experienced ease and love and kindness from others. What gifts!

This morning when I woke up, I had ideas. There’s so much I want to do, so much I can do. And I saw it all clearly and practically. Knowing that wealth is more than money, that wealth is ideas, goods, and services, I felt the reality of the Guiding Thought, “releasing Divine Substance into all my activity and all my financial affairs.” I saw connections, sharing, loving relationships…an entire network of wealth flowing and circulating through these ideas, through me. I saw how I can serve others with these ideas, and receive wealth in return; I felt the alignment of Spirit and action; I felt Inner Divine Presence’s guidance; I saw how following that guidance brings about all good, all God.

And I am so very grateful.

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