Journey of Freedom: Commitment and Dedication

Commitment and Dedication Statement

I can always go deeper. Everyone can always go deeper. The depths are infinite, for we are mining Love.

For this Journey I commit to going deeper. When I reach a stuck point, a lazy point, a frustrated point, an embarrassed point, an exposed point…I commit to taking one step, however small, to get beyond it. For this I will use the tools of the practices, over and above my daily Journey practice. I will delve and hunt and dig-out the disturbances and obscurations that limit my-your-our freedom.

I will strive to be aware, to understand, to know, and to live the Love I Am in Truth.

I dedicate any good that comes from any of my thoughts and actions as a result of this Journey to your benefit and enlightenment, to the benefit and enlightenment of All, in all time and space. May we be free together in the reality of Divine Love.

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