“Rlung” is NOT the Sound of a Phone Ringing: Journey of Freedom – Day 01

Copyright Tam Black 2015 Designed for susanwithpearls.com
Copyright Tam Black 2015
Designed for susanwithpearls.com

Guiding Thought

Love is my natural state; In Love I remember who I truly am; I remember my holiness, my innocence, and my infinity.  Love enlightens my mind and lifts my heart. I am buoyant and expansive! I am now aware of my Self as Infinite Love, unbounded and free, thoroughly loving and lovable.


One of the things I am really going to work on for this Journey is the feeling of freedom. I don’t mean the emotion of freedom. I mean more like a sense…not something physical or tangible, not something experienced in the mind or feelings, but something that wafts or blows through the body like a sensation that’s not physical, yet is somehow.

A lot of the Eastern words for wind also mean energy. The Tibetan word “rlung” means “wind-energy.” It is translated from the Sanskrit word prana which means Life-energy and also wind, and is translated into Chinese as qi, which also means Life-energy or wind.

It seems to me this phrase “wind-energy” points to the experience in my body that I am referring to. Today as I was reading, contemplating the Guiding Thought, I started feeling this wind-energy. “Buoyant” is another word that conveys the feeling of that experience. As I think about Freedom….as I think about Love…as I think about letting go and expanding, there is an energy that comes into my physical awareness. It literally feels higher or more buoyant, a subtle movement that just arrives. When I sit with it, it expands and becomes more intense. If I move my attention away, it seems to subside, but then I can bring my attention back to it and it starts up again.

There are several layers of experience going on at the same time, as I contemplate the Guiding Thought. One layer is the concept itself, freedom. This layer engages my mind, my intellect, which was summarized in the first two posts, “Why a Journey of Freedom” parts I and II, respectively.  The next layer could be called the qualities of freedom—what is it that underlies the concept? What are the characteristics of freedom? How do I feel and engage the world when I am free? Here are some words I’ve come up with: assured, protected, attuned, expansive, creative, bold, confident, clear, light, calm. The next layer engages both of the previous layers; it is an awareness of how this wind-energy responds to my ideas of both freedom and its characteristics. What is this wind-energy when I think about being bold, when I think about being creative or calm or attuned or light?

This exercise brings my awareness and my energy into the nuances of freedom, into how I relate personally with the word freedom and its characteristics.

I’m going to work on the awareness of this wind-energy, as it relates to freedom, as I move through my days, bringing the experience into my activity as often as possible throughout this Journey.