Scary Schmary: Journey of Freedom – Day 06

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Guiding Thought

Through my physical body, I bring Divine Light and Love to the physical universe. I heal unresolved issues through loving thoughts, words, and emotions, and I become lighter and brighter. I bring light to all I have denied and heal my past-present-future NOW. Every day I am lighter and lighter!


The journey we undertake together is the exchange of dark for light, of ignorance for understanding. Nothing you understand is fearful. It is only in darkness and ignorance that you perceive the frightening, and you shrink away from it to further darkness. (A Course in Miracles, Original Edition. Chapter 14, paragraph 16.)

My wish for you today is that you experience beyond the words of the Guiding Thought. My wish for you today, is that you experience Divine Light in your body, in the physical universe; that you feel yourself lighter and brighter; that you Know the light within you, even for a second.

That is one thing I love about these Guiding Thoughts: when I sit with them and direct my mind to do what they instruct (“I heal,” “I bring light,” “I am lighter and lighter!”), when I follow the words to where they lead, I get beyond the reading and have an inner experience that is something more.

Today I stayed for some time with the words, “I bring light to all I have denied and heal my past-present-future NOW,” because in my mind I was bringing light to ALL I have denied. I realized I do not have to know or understand what it is I have denied; if I just ask the light to go to those places, it does. Visually, in my imagination, it was sort of like one of those photographs of lights from space:

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I imagined all of the things I have denied in the past, and brought light to them. The light burst, and it became like a chain reaction of lights bursting into all the places I have denied back…who knows how far! There was one big burst, sort of like the bright spot at the center of this picture, that was like the inception place of denial.

It was at that point where I began to “see” there is no “me”, there is no “you”, there is no “I”. All “my” points of light both overlay and underpin “your” points of light: as I bring light to “mine”, I am bringing light to “yours”. When I heal myself, you are healed; we heal together (this is true for your points of light, too…so thank you). So I went deeper into this and consciously chose to bring light to “your” points of denial as well.

I also felt time differently. All healing is now. All I undo in the past is undone now and affects all future nows. I can even bring light to the future and heal something, which also affects me now.

I mentioned yesterday, I had come to a place that was fearful. When I came upon the A Course in Miracles quote above, it made perfect sense with what I was experiencing both yesterday and today. Yesterday brought an unknown and not knowing is scary. But I realized it’s a choice between “shrink[ing] away from it to further darkness” or bringing it to light. Today helped me bring it to light.

At some point in all this, I gained a new understanding of Freedom—or perhaps it was an old understanding in a new way. Freedom = EXPANSIVE. Bringing light today, I felt expansive.