I Need to be Committed: Journey of Freedom – Day 11

Copyright Tam Black 2015 Designed for susanwithpearls.com
Copyright Tam Black 2015
Designed for susanwithpearls.com

Introduction to Round 2: We have completed the first 10 days! In the next “round”–the next 10 days– the format will change slightly. In the last round, you were the subject of the meditation: All of the meditations were from the first-person singular, “I”. In this round, we will shift to the second-person singular. Instead of saying, for example, “my natural state” or “who I truly am”, the meditation will say, “your natural state” and “who you truly are”.

Corresponding to this language shift, your thoughts will also shift from “I” to “you”. Instead of claiming the Truth of You for you, by yourself, someone will claim it for you and give it to you, or you will claim it for someone, and give it to them.


Guiding Thought

Love is your natural state; In Love you remember who you truly are. Remember your holiness, your innocence, and your infinity.  Love enlightens your mind and lifts your heart. Be buoyant and expansive! Be aware of your Self as Infinite Love, unbounded and free, thoroughly loving and lovable.


When you share or give something, you are able to do so because you already have whatever it is you are sharing or giving. You can’t share or give something you don’t already possess.

When I share the Guiding Thought with “you” (whoever that “you” might be), I am teaching myself that I already possess everything the Guiding Thought states because I am sharing it with you, encouraging you. I have holiness, innocence, infinity…enlightenment, buoyancy, expansiveness…infinite love, unbounded, free, I am loving and lovable, and giving those qualities/feelings/thoughts to you enriches you, but also validates and strengthens my own sense of those qualities within myself.

It’s relatively easy to give love and good will to people who you already like, people you love and feel good about.

Likewise, it’s relatively more difficult to give love and good will to people who irritate you, frustrate you, anger you, or who simply rub you the wrong way. Sometimes those people act in ways that are irritating, angering, or annoying because they believe they have no love to give; they do not know their beauty and holiness.

If I deny them love or intentionally withhold it, especially if I know they behave out of feeling loveless, then I am doing myself a great disservice. Loving those who feel themselves unlovable is an opportunity for me to demonstrate to myself just how much love I have to give.

This is not righteousness. This is not looking down on or judging. This is purely, sincerely, wanting them to know the love they are. When I know someone is miserable and acting from a place of misery and suffering, I want them to be whole, to feel joy, to know they are loved.

It’s hard sometimes. Sometimes it’s hard for me to expand into that—really and truly overcome my own emotions and understand, I want them to be happy and free as much as I want that for myself. But it’s also hard because some people love their own misery and want to remain in it. So no matter how much or how many times I move my emotions to love and wish for them good will, there seems to be no relief—for them or for me.

In many ways, round two is my favorite round, and I am so very thankful for the daily practice of giving and sharing the qualities of the Guiding Thought each day. I had said I was going to go deeper on this Journey; it was one of my commitments to you at the beginning. This round I recommit to that. This round “going deeper” means very intentionally bringing love to those people—the ones who give misery: they are giving what they believe they have, all they believe they possess. That is poverty of spirit, “and you are that poverty.” All I can do is be the love I am, confirm the love I am, and give the love I am in as many situations as possible.

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