Don’t Tell Me What to Do! : Journey of Freedom – Day 15

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Guiding Thought

How can you live apart from God? God is indivisible. God is your Source and the Life within you. Your Oneness with All through God was established at your birth, at the creation of your being. The realization of this Truth is the foundation of your freedom.


Earlier today I did another short meditation as a transition from sleeping to waking, shifting from my dream-thoughts to my conscious-thoughts. The first sentence of that meditation was, “I am One with the Source of the Law of Life, the infinite substance of the universe.” As I began to read the Guiding Thought today, it occurred to me how similar that thought is with today’s Guiding Thought.

One big difference between the two is the use of the word “Law” from the short meditation.

Words like “law” or “principle” or “commandment” or “rule” can sometimes provoke inner confusion or resistance. If my inner teenager were reading about the “Laws of Life”, her response would be, “Don’t tell me what to do!”

In society (including families), laws are associated with an authority that is not our own, a choice that is not our own, and can lead to feelings of oppression, control, or simply not having a choice. Not having a choice can lead to feelings of anger, hostility, or of being trapped (among others).

Historically, laws in the Western world were created to keep people safe. Aren’t you glad that in America people stop at red lights? Aren’t you glad that there is a law that doesn’t allow people to take the law into their own hands, and we (mostly) don’t have a “wild west” mentality? But even laws that purport to keep us safe, can sometimes feel restricting (have you ever done 65 in a 55 zone? Uh-huh). What about laws that are created intentionally on the basis of discrimination? For example, outlawing the outlawing of fracking ( which puts corporations ahead of people, or marriage equality bans, which had put one type of marriage over another, or to use a historical example, white-only lunch counters, fountains, and doors, which put one skin color over another?

Another problem is that (some) people in power use laws to maintain power and control, to keep people “enslaved” even if those people are well-meaning (like parents), and some laws are used to discriminate and perpetuate unjust institutions or systems (for example the 20:1 incarceration rate for blacks in the United States, as the judicial system favors whites). Unfortunately, there is even a tradition of this within the Church, using the presumed power and authority of God as a way to maintain control.

There are a lot of inconsistencies and power/authority issues wrapped up in the idea of a LAW. Even though there is an enormous difference between “the laws of men” and “the Laws of God,” people have learned the “laws of men” a whole lot better than they have learned the Laws of God, and thereby come to associate anything resembling a law with all of the baggage that comes with it, which can lead to people feeling angry, hostile, trapped, or resistant to the Laws of God.

There’s a really good reason to deal with the baggage associated with Laws: God’s Laws are about Freedom, not enslavement; but, until we begin to learn and live the Laws of God, as God intended, without bringing our “laws of men” baggage to the party, we will still feel trapped and hostile because we don’t understand the difference.

Now, I must confess to you: Today’s Guiding Thought is really about a Law of God, meant to free your mind from worldly trappings.

If you look at today’s Guiding Thought juxtaposed with this statement about the Law of Life, “I am One with the Source of the Law of Life, the infinite substance of the universe,” they are really pretty close.

“The Law of Life” = the infinite substance of the universe. If something is infinite, it is everywhere, thus you cannot live apart from it, oh, and by the way, that infinite substance is God, who is also the Source of Life within you, with whom you are at One, from forever until forever.

Living the Law, “the realization of this Truth,” is the foundation of your freedom. Choosing, through free will the Law of Life, is what takes us there.

I admit, my inner teenager still rails against rules or anything that is perceived as a restriction. I’ve been working a lot with her about this “Laws of God” thing, because I know (even if she doesn’t), the Laws of God are not a restriction, but Freedom. I think it’s a good sign she did not actually make an appearance today; she was watching from the wings, but she was not railing. Somehow she is assimilating all of this. But I can hear her next objection already: How do we do it? How do we live this Law? What is it? How do we know? (She’s a very sophisticated teenager, when she’s not being a teenager). Good thing it’s only day 15; I still have 25 days to get further into this!