Come as You Are -or- Bring Your Own You : Journey of Freedom – Day 19

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Guiding Thought

Trusting life allows the flow of Divine energy to come in and through you to bless All. Step gracefully into expansive, unlimited, harmonious, Divine being. Praise and thank Life for supporting you, and relax in its process.


What happens when you know something about yourself, and someone else who does not see it, or who has their own beliefs about you denies it in you, encourages you to be something else? I am thinking this applies a lot to children. Like a musical child born to tone-deaf parents? Or gentle children who are born to abusive parents? Or any free-spirited child who is born into a strict family? Or any child not allowed to play with a toy or allowed to wear clothes that may not be considered “socially appropriate”? What messages do people, both children and adults, receive from others about being “wrong”? What things do people feel guilty about because they were taught what they are doing or feeling is wrong, that they should feel or want something different? What effect do feelings of shame, embarrassment, guilt, have on self-perception?

The world teaches us, and it is a poor teacher. People internalize messages, both subtle and direct, which they get from parents, advertisements, siblings, teachers, clergy, bosses, etc. Then the internalization becomes part of what they believe about themselves. Often, they internalize it to the extent they become what they have internalized, self-fulfilling the denial of themselves. No wonder people are despondent and depressed. They have allowed others to convince them to deny their true selves.

There is a lot of healing going on in the world using the power of affirmations, self-esteem, positive thinking. People are beginning to recognize they do not have to accept others’ beliefs about them, they can choose for themselves an identity and direction that is true to who they are and how they think of themselves. They are undoing the conditioning they have learned. They are beginning to embrace their own sense of “right” and “wrong,” exercising their own inner compass about who they are, not being defined or constrained by what others think of them.

This is what today’s Guiding Thought reminded me: If this is how people learn about themselves, internalizing things that are not true, it is even more severe regarding what people learn about themselves as Divine Beings. The messages we receive about our Infinite Inner Love are even scarcer than those that encourage people to be themselves in the world. Our Divine Selves are shut down and denied before they even have a chance.

Thinking over the past few days of this Journey, namely days 16 and 17, I realize in my despondency, numbness, and spinning, I was accepting and allowing an idea that is not true to affect what I thought of myself. I was denying my Divine Self. I could not even begin to recognize the Truth of Who I am. I had to shut down.  How insane is that?

I realized today that instead of denying my Self, I must deny the untruths about myself. Sadness? Uncertainty? Doubt? These are not who I Am. These do not reflect my union with God.

I Am an expansive, unlimited, harmonious, Divine being! By accepting this as the reality of who I am, as the foundation of my function and purpose in the world, I am sharing God’s thought of me. I am choosing God’s Will for myself.

Sapere Aude!