Feelin’ All THAT : Journey of Freedom – Day 20

Copyright Tam Black 2015 Designed for susanwithpearls.com
Copyright Tam Black 2015
Designed for susanwithpearls.com

Guiding Thought

Focus your mind and thoughts on your Inner Divine Self, your Self of Peace, your Self of Joy, Your Self of Infinite Being and Intelligence. When you are aware of your Inner Divine Self, you radiate these qualities, expressing the freedom of Being in Life!


I really focused on this phrase today; it spoke to me: freedom of Being in Life.

I had two feelings/images in my head. First, I felt the essence of “Being”, as in the essence of All That IS, the Infinite energy of the Universe that is constantly interacting with itself in all its aspects. I felt this Being as Life itself, all-encompassing. I felt the Being of this Being; I felt its infinite, expansive energy.

This evoked one sense of Freedom, feeling that big, that all-encompassing, that involved with all aspects of every minutiae of Existence. I felt Life on the scale of the infinite and eternal. This is how Divine Being interacts with itself, like a person interacts with his or her body or thoughts, on a scale so enormous and incomprehensible to individual existence. That is Being’s experience, just like a morning routine, a dinner with friends, or sleeping is for people. Being is Life itself. Free.

Second, I felt the emphasis on” in Life”. This brought the feeling down to a personal level.

I could feel Oneness with Being, as myself. Being was rejoicing, joyfully playing in Life. It wasn’t focused on the grand scale; it was being itself (Being), in this moment right now, as me, but also being itself, connected to All.

How do I be my Divine Personality?

How do I exist as myself individually, but also as the Divine?

I don’t DO it. Being is always Being itself, infinite and eternal, here and now…as me. That is its existence, both simultaneously.

It gives new light to the phrase, “Just be.” This does not just mean do what feels right in the moment. It does not mean go into a meditative state and zone out. It does not mean simply do less (although, all of these can be part of it).

Just Be: Be the Being that is you. Allow Being to be you.

“Grounded in being, perform action.” The Bhagavad Gita

“The Kingdom of Heaven is you.” A Course in Miracles

“Search your heart and see. The way to do is Be.” -Lao Tzu

Do not just listen to the masters; do not merely know that this wisdom is “out there”. Seek it in you, as you. Seek it fervently. Know your Self. Seek the Truth of your being, All of Being, being you. This is Freedom that is Life.