I Need to Carry Rock Salt in My Mental Trunk: Journey of Freedom – Day 22

Copyright Tam Black 2015 Designed for susanwithpearls.com
Copyright Tam Black 2015
Designed for susanwithpearls.com

Guiding Thought

We freely release patterns, habits, and thoughts that inhibit our Freedom! We allow our thoughts and feelings to transform through remembrance of Freedom through Love. We were born with everything we need to be free in Love. We allow Love to lead us. We trust Love and surrender to its wisdom.


Keep it moving. That is what came to me today when I was stuck on this Guiding Thought—literally, it came to me in an email. A friend of mine, who I’ve been working with on a project, said those exact words to me, “What’s important is to keep it moving.”   Of course, he didn’t know he was talking to me about the Guiding Thought; the email was about a project we have been working on. But isn’t it interesting that I got exactly what I needed to hear in a totally different context? Thumbs up that I was able to recognize it!

Patterns, habits, and thoughts are ways that people get stuck. Getting stuck sucks! It does, I know. With a humorous irony I have not missed, I was stuck with the Guiding Thought about releasing patterns and habits, the epitome of “stuckness”.

Keep it moving…small steps…baby steps….just a little drop. Oh yes.

Sometimes I forget this; sometimes I forget that just moving forward matters, staying with it, keeping on. I want to be there now! I cut myself no slack if I don’t get it; I should get it. I should know more, be more, offer more, do more! What pressure I put on myself! All of that is just a pattern, just a mental habit of pushing myself, having an expectation; not seeing or listening to what is going on now, always thinking about the future, the striving, the work. Can you hear how exasperating that can be?

And you see…all of that pushing myself just keeps me spinning rather than keeping me moving forward. I think the pushing is supposed to help, but it’s exhausting, yet there I go.  The pushing itself is a pattern!

Awareness of patterns gives some slack, some freedom, if you will. When I am aware of patterns, I can be spinning, spinning, spinning, and notice it. I may not know how to get out of it, but I can know that it’s ok to be there; humor helps. I can give myself permission to want to change it, which can help me to observe the pattern more closely, which changes my experience: as observer, I do not have to be completely involved in it; from the observer viewpoint, I can interact with it, rather than let it obsess or control me.

Awareness of patterns gives options. Options keep it moving.


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