Remember, Remember: Journey of Freedom – Day 24

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Guiding Thought

Divine energy nourishes us, heals us, and brings God into our minds and bodies. Enlightenment moves us, awakens our Soul, and firmly grounds us in all we do. Our energy creates our life experiences; our being is only Love and Light.


Remember that Divine Energy is everywhere. We are in it, always. This is it. We are always in its flow, always surrounded by it; it is always flowing through us, as us.

What are these experiences but shadows of the past, created by thoughts of being separate from it?

Surrounded by these shadows of what we call “life”, we can become mired in a mistaken identity, borne of previous thoughts, previous mistakes, previous ignorance of Divine Presence.

Today let us forget our past, forget who we ever thought we were, forget the mistakes we’ve made; let us remember we move in and with Divine Love. From the beginning there has been only Divine Love.

“Our energy creates our life experiences.” Which energy will you choose today, this moment?

This is a Journey of Freedom, not a Journey to Freedom. Freedom is now. Freedom is here. We are in it, experiencing the Freedom, on the Journey.

All that we are, Divine Love, is our Freedom. It is who we ever have been and who we ever will be; it is who we are…even when we forget.

God is already in our minds and bodies. God is our mind and our body; God is All. To “bring God into our minds and bodies” means to remember Him, remember His Presence, remember His Will.

Remembering is restoring what has always been; forgetting is to think it is otherwise.

Remembering and forgetting are part of the Journey, until we all remember, always. That’s why it’s important to be aware, to consciously move forward, not only for yourself but for others as well. Even when you remember, someone else has forgotten. Your remembrance is also for them.

Today we remember together, for all.