Riding the Movement of the Ocean: Journey of Freedom – Day 32

Copyright Tam Black 2015 Designed for susanwithpearls.com
Copyright Tam Black 2015
Designed for susanwithpearls.com

Guiding Thought

I freely release patterns, habits, and thoughts that inhibit Freedom. My thoughts and feelings transform through remembrance of Freedom through Love. I was born with everything I need to be free in Love. I allow Love to lead me. I trust Love and surrender to its wisdom.


I wrote several days ago about the movement of the ocean and the near-imperceptibility of that movement when immersed in it. That’s how I’m feeling today, yet my perception of the movement is more acute. My perception is faint, but I am feeling movement all around me in the ocean of life. It’s awareness.

Most of the time when I write about awareness, it’s about being aware of things that are obstructions—things that cause those little twitches of frustration, annoyance, or even hostility. Most often, these are patterns, habits, or thoughts I think about; what I need to let go. Today it’s a different type of awareness.

As with most initial awareness, I have only a subtle feeling. It’s not something I have yet brought to understanding, so it remains vague. I can feel pieces of it and see slightly how they are working together. The pieces are both about how these Guiding Thoughts build upon each other, and how activities in my life are working together. More than this, it’s about how the Guiding Thoughts are working with and through the activities in life. So there is movement in the mental arena, in the physical arena, and between the mental and physical.

In the mental arena, I feel continuity between several days of the Guiding Thoughts; I can see how they support and enhance each other, and how that builds up mental mass which has inertia, moving my consciousness.

For example, from two days ago (Day 30) , I feel the momentum of the words, “freedom of Being in Life!” Because I am noticing how I am beginning to understand about being Free in Life. Freedom is not just a concept I wonder about, I am getting it through experience.

I became more aware of that small understanding as I moved through yesterday into today, with “I am now aware of myself as Infinite Love, unbounded and Free” and “I was born with everything I need to be free in Love.” Love is the key to being free in Life. I, as Love, can recognize my freedom in life. Being Love and my being in life are not different…when I get this, I am free in life. Myself, connected to Love, connects me to freedom in life. I know this is getting a bit repetitive, but it’s how my mind is getting it—with repetition, with understanding, with different sequences and inflections. The subtleties of words are playing on my consciousness, evoking subtleties of understanding.

This has all connected over the days, in my consciousness. And I can feel it. I can feel that my consciousness is responding to the consistency. This then has led to a projection into tomorrow! Tomorrow’s Guiding Thought is about the energy shifting. In seeing the connections between the Guiding Thoughts over the past few days, I can now also see how the energy shifts in one place, shifting energy in another place.

I began looking at my life activities. I have been working on several projects for over a year now, with much the same approach as I take these Journeys: small steps, everything matters, just take the steps. And I started feeling how the mental energy was influencing, shifting, the energy of those projects. Some things are growing, others are fading, some work is set before me in a new way that will be a next bigger step. It’s all interconnected—everything…the mental, the physical…everything. I am seeing how little we can understand, how little we can know.

That makes it essential to be in love as much as possible. The more steadfast I can be in love, the more I can trust the outcome, the more I can let go. If I don’t trust life, it’s because I haven’t acted or thought with love. Love can always be trusted, and we must trust it, because life is so much bigger than we are; getting to a point of trusting life means getting to a point of living in love, giving love, being love. When we work with love, trust and peace follow as the freedom of being in life.

Ok, let me be clear: my “seeing this” is very small. Like I said, this is an initial awareness, and I do not have it. But it’s cool that I am seeing something!