The Tao of Shimmying: Journey of Freedom – Day 36

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Guiding Thought

Through my physical body, I bring Divine Light and Love to the physical universe. I heal unresolved issues through loving thoughts, words, and emotions, and I become lighter and brighter. I bring light to all I have denied and heal my past-present-future NOW. Every day I am lighter and lighter!


Back to basics!

It’s just so interesting to me how we have SO many different aspects we are bringing into alignment. Sure, there’s physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, which are kind of the big umbrella terms, but within each of these there are different “breakdowns”: physical has to do with food, exercise, health, work, relationships, sexuality, use of time, sleep, etc. Mental can be about information, logic, puzzles, intelligence, creativity, how we process stimuli, meaning, interpretation, perception, etc. Emotional… how many different emotions are there? I won’t list them! And Spiritual can be about healing, sensitivity to others, openness to the inner divine, transcendence, enlightenment, meditation, love, etc. The point is that under each big umbrella aspect, there are infinite aspects, and each of those can be broken down further and then even further still.

When I think about feeling “off”, it’s good for me to remember this. I have been very much in my head over the past few days, disconnected from my feelings…but, it’s not that something is “off”, rather it’s that something is coming into alignment. Everything else is aligned and is running smoothly, but this one thing, it’s still adjusting, and it’s affecting other parts until it comes into alignment too.

Have you ever put up a canopy tent by yourself? There are four legs that hold up a canvas or vinyl top; the legs are most often two metal tubes, one sliding into the other and held in place by a pin. Each leg, in turn, needs to be extended by inches until they are all extended to their full height. With four people, it’s easy—you just put one person at each corner, and everyone at the same time slides the metal tubes on their corner, extending the legs, lifting the canopy, 1 – 2 – 3…done!

But with only one person it’s not so simple. With one person, you have to start at one corner and slide the legs out an inch or two—they get stuck at a certain point because the other legs are not also extending, which puts pressure on the sliding leg.  Then you go to the next corner and slide it up an inch or two, then go to the next corner and slide it up an inch or two. By the time you get to the fourth corner, you can usually slide the leg up two or three inches, because the pressure has been relieved from raising the other three corners. But then you have to go back to the first corner, raise it up two or three inches…go to the next corner… raise it up two or three inches. You get the idea. You walk around the canopy, continuing to shimmy the legs up one at a time, a little by little. By the fourth corner of each rotation, all of the legs are at about the same point, so the shimmying is easy on that one corner then, you can start over.

Think of those legs as the mental-spiritual-physical-emotional aspects of being. They all work together to hold up the canopy of Divine Love. (May I have some hippy music for the background, please?  >rolling my eyes<  Maybe a daisy chain?)

We’re raising the canopy by shimmying each of the poles up, one corner at a time. Work on the emotional aspect…good, it’s in position; now go to the mental aspect and shimmy it…good, now it’s raised; now work on that physical alignment… there ya go!

Most of the time one or more leg is out of alignment with the rest. Until all legs are up at the same time, something is going to feel catawampus. But that feeling is not that something is wrong; it’s that something is shimmying into alignment.