The Spin Cycle Gets Spun: Journey of Freedom – Day 39

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Guiding Thought

Trusting life allows the flow of Divine energy to come in and through me to bless All. I step gracefully into expansive, unlimited, harmonious, Divine being. I praise and thank Life for supporting me, and I relax in its process.


Trusting life leads to relaxing in the process of life. That’s a bit of a chicken and an egg situation, don’t you think? Which comes first, the trusting or the relaxing? How do I relax if I can’t trust; how do I trust if I can’t relax?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about patterns like this: one thing leads to another, to another, and then back to the original place it started. In this Guiding Thought, the first thing is trust, which leads to Divine Energy, which leads to gracefully stepping into Divine Being. Once that step is taken, it’s as if there is this “a-ha” moment, in which I realize how amazing it is to trust life, because of what that brings (gracefully stepping into Divine Being) and it becomes easy and natural to praise and thank life, and to relax in its process.

But it all depends on that first step—in this case trusting life. I feel a bit like this is spinning…in a different way. Instead of wanting to stop something, I want to start something; I want to get the spinning going, and I am not quite sure how. (I get hung up on that how thing a lot, don’t I?)

This is actually very different than the spin cycle. With the spin cycle, the loop kept spinning in one place: not knowing. It fed back into itself and always led to not knowing.  Instead, this cycle is an experiential loop that proceeds through different stages, leading back to the same place, but with the experience of that place (trust).

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So in this loop, the loop itself takes you through a progression. The more you can tap into experiencing where this cycle is taking you at each turn, the more confidently you can approach the next bend.

I think, though, I was wrong when I said above that “it all depends on that first step.” Now that I think about it, in this cycle, I could start anywhere, and the progression would still “work”. If I don’t feel particularly trusting, I can skip that “step”, and focus on allowing Divine Energy to flow. If I don’t feel the flow, I can focus on blessing all. If I don’t feel that mojo, I can think about being my Divine Self and do my best to be that. It doesn’t matter where I start. Each step leads to the next one, regardless. It’s just a matter of starting…wherever you are, wherever feels right. They all lead to a new experience, which leads you ultimately back to Life itself, supporting you, supporting the process. Just start.

It occurs to me that the next Journey will pick up where this is leaving off. The next Journey is a Journey of Gratitude, which is all about praising and thanking life, being truly happy with your Self, and blessing all through your Divine Presence. It’s no accident these things work the way they do. If you have had some trouble on this Journey…let’s see where gratitude can take us; I am looking forward to it!