Gappity-Gap-Gap-Gap: Journey of Gratitude – Day 02

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Guiding Thought

I lift my mind and heart to the Truth of Being, to all that Is, to All I Am. I accept my Self in Truth and offer my Self to All in gratitude for Its Being.


There are so many things about gratitude I want to explore on this Journey, I think I am already feeling overwhelmed! Gratitude is such a rich subject and so much more than simply giving thanks for things I have. So much was going through my head; I really had to pause today to think, “What do I want? In my heart of hearts, what do I want?”

Here is what I know:

I know I believe in my Self, the Self of Love.

I know that that Self is Whole.

I know as a Whole Self, I am full, at peace, wholly joyful, and wholly loving.

Perhaps you already noticed a sticking point?

I cannot say “I know my Self, the Self of Love.” I can only say “I believe in it.”

But I want to know my Self, the Self of Love. I believe I am It. I believe there is more to us than flesh and bone, thoughts and emotions—I have had glimpses! I have experienced! …And yet, there is a gap between believing and knowing, and an even wider gap between believing and Knowing. Knowing is 100%. Knowing is certainty. Knowing goes beyond faith or belief.

I accept this gap as part of the human experience as part of becoming (while also being), and as part of the (re-)unification process.

I can see the gap narrowing. I feel and experience it with every Journey. So much falls into place! So much becomes aligned! So much is healed! Yet with every new Journey, there are new angles, new facets to the gap which come out to be healed and unified.

My Whole Self is here, now. I know this (little k). Yet, I feel the gap, the distance in my mind that prevents me from Knowing it 100%.

In my mind…

I also know the gap is in my mind.

The gap can be overcome! Rather, the gap can be bridged; I am building my bridge as I go, over the chasm of (in) my mind.

Thus! I want to Know my Self.

Why is this important on this Journey of Gratitude? Because I know that as my Whole Self, I am full, at peace, wholly joyful, and wholly loving. And in that there is eternal gratitude. The gratitude I am after is the gratitude of Being, the gratitude of Life, the gratitude of existence.

This is part of what perplexed me today: I can look around and express gratitude for the things I see: this bird, that tree, my home, my family, my job, yet I could not get to a place of feeling gratitude for who I am.

Even after reminding myself of what I believe, and what I know, I could not feel it. I could not touch it. I could not experience it.

How can I be so alienated from the Self which is the cause behind things that I cannot even feel gratitude for it?


Dear God,

I’ve had a rough day today. A lot of things got in my way to feeling gratitude for your presence within me and in my life. For most of the day, I was overwhelmed with the chaos of my own thoughts. When I tried to still them, they would subside momentarily, but then return to fill my head with distractions.

I want you to know that underneath it all there is a part of me that recognizes and remembers. I know it’s there, even when I am feeling disconnected from it.

Thank you, Being.

Thank you, Life.

Thank you, Existence.

Thank you, All.

Thank you, Truth.

Thank you, Love.

Thank you, Everything.