Then God Made Helium and Saw it was Good: Journey of Gratitude – Day 04

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Guiding Thought

Through gratitude, my consciousness of Love expands, connecting me with All. Gratitude increases my awareness of unity; gratitude shows me our Wholeness. Gratitude is the bridge to knowing others as my Self. What a gift you are!


I spent a lot of time on the first two words,” Through Gratitude” in the Guiding Thought; I wanted to see if my consciousness of Love really did expand when I focused on Gratitude. It did…and it reinforced a lot!

I got stuck (in a non-spinning way!) for many minutes in the love-gratitude cycle. Gratitude does increase love…increased love stimulates more gratitude…which increases love…which stimulates more gratitude…

Then, an interesting thing happened. I suddenly recalled something I had studied long ago, which can be summed up in these words, “If you cannot bless someone, let them go.” It came up in relation to a situation that I have been working on intentionally in my consciousness for over 18 months. It’s a situation that has been difficult, stressful, strenuous, and unproductive. Whenever the situation comes up, I do (and have done) my best to approach it with Love, to be the best Self I can be; through many of the Journey days over the past year and a half, I have used the Journeys as a tool to meditate on it, work through it, invite love and healing to it, but it remains…seemingly without change.

For the past 18 months, I have thought, “I must do something. After all, I’m the one who talks about Love and responsibility and shifting energy and bringing light. Isn’t it up to me to heal this? Isn’t it up to me to take responsibility for everything in my life? Isn’t it my responsibility to heal myself; to use all situations as an impetus toward that healing and toward greater love?

Today, those thoughts shifted into “If you cannot bless someone, let them go.”

As I was cycling through Love-Gratitude, that person/situation was outside the cycle. It wasn’t like I was intentionally excluding anything. I admit I felt confused because I’m the one who talks about healing, shifting, and Oneness—how can I leave someone out? From nowhere, the words about letting someone go if I can’t bless them popped into my head. When the words came, I saw that person/situation float away into a ball of light, like I had cut the string to a helium balloon—up, up, up, just floated away, getting smaller and smaller then disappearing into the light. I thought (from out of nowhere), “I’m done. This is no longer mine. There’s nothing more I can do.” At the same time it was like a voice was saying to me, “You are done. This is no longer yours. There is nothing more you can do.” (With this there was an implied feeling of “We’ll take it from here.”) The “voice” saying this was much like what happens in Round 2 of the Journeys when we change from “I” to “you”.

Part of me does not know what to make of this. Part of me is very relieved.

All of it happened very quickly, and immediately after the person/situation disappeared into the ball of light, I was right back in the Love-Gratitude cycle, using the beacon imagery from yesterday connecting me with lots of people. There were SO many people for whom I felt gratitude and love! People I know personally, people who I only know through social media (you!), people I have yet to meet. I saw our unified intention lifting more and more people into Love, all over the world.

It was almost as though the strength of Love and Gratitude which I had for all these people was saying, “You see. This is where your energy is productive, fruitful. This is where your energy is needed. People who shut themselves off from the gifts of Love are not yet ready to receive. Let them go.”

It was certainly an interesting contrast. What an amazing thing it is to connect with people who are open to Love!