I’m Committing Myself…Again: Journey of Gratitude – Day 14

Copyright Tam Black 2015 Designed for susanwithpearls.com
Copyright Tam Black 2015
Designed for susanwithpearls.com

Guiding Thought

Through gratitude, your consciousness of Love expands, connecting you with All. Gratitude increases your awareness of unity; gratitude shows you your Wholeness. Gratitude is the bridge to knowing others as your Self. What a gift you are!


Today is a day for re-dedication and for Faith. I always start the Journeys with a commitment statement and a dedication, which provide an overarching focus/guide for the Journey. Sometimes when I falter, when I feel like I am not going deep enough, when I feel like… I’m not following through in my thoughts/words/ actions with what all this is about, I refocus, rededicate, recommit; today is one of those days.

What do I want? I want to remain focused and steadfast in Truth, in Love. Love is known through unity, wholeness, oneness; it is expressed through kindness, compassion, and understanding; it is experienced in peace, comfort, and joy.

When Love is not present, not felt, not experienced, it is not because it is absent, it is because fear/illusion/conflict are present.

When fear/illusion/conflict are present, and the goal is clear (“what do I want”), I must invoke my Faith, I must remember my wholeness; I must rely on my trust in Truth. Truth is what I want. May all I do, all I think, all I feel, serve only Truth. May all interactions, all situations, all experiences be dedicated to Truth. May Truth undo all my fears, all my faithlessness. May Truth lead me to itself. May I grow more confident and certain in Truth as I come to it in Faith. I lay my Faith before Truth.

May Truth encompass all. May Truth provide me with the Faith I need for Peace. May my mind be diligent in seeking Truth. May I see Truth in all situations.

Seeing Truth in all situations means: seeing beyond fragmentation, beyond separation, beyond chaos; seeing Oneness and Love in everything and every situation. When I invite it, Truth makes all things right, placing everything in alignment with Itself. This can mean there is an upheaval as things are righted and put in their proper place; fear will depart, but there may be discomfort while it is being replaced.

I am thinking (again) about Jesus. When he was before Pilate was he able to see beyond the fragmentation and see Oneness? Was he purely in Love at that time…or was he still learning? Was he in that situation in the fullness of peace and love…or did he still need to be vigilant in remembering?

I am grateful for knowing I want to choose Truth. I am grateful for being dedicated to what I know is the only thing of value in this world. I am thankful for Truth itself. What more is there?