The Quilt Created of Gratitude: Journey of Gratitude – Day 15

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Guiding Thought

When you are aware of your Self of Love, you see the world through new eyes. Love is the Source of all you see, all you experience; it is the very activity of Life itself. Place your faith in the principle of Love and receive with gratitude all your experiences.


“An empty feeling within is not in itself a bad thing, unless it is a sad and restless emptiness which is the result of unfulfilled desires and attachments.

For those who tread the spiritual path, emptiness is very usually a necessary transition from one state to another. It is a healthy sign.”

-Babaji, in Haidakhan Babaji Speaks

There has been so much going on in this Journey, so far. It’s seems as though I am stitching together the concepts which create the quilt of Gratitude.

Gratitude is a concept often expressed as, “I am thankful for…” In this Journey, I’ve been working on expanding the concept of gratitude, which means expanding my awareness of all of the things I can be grateful for. I am working on being thankful for things I can’t see, things that feel uncomfortable; I am looking for ways all my experiences are contributing to my overall spiritual growth (seeing them with unified purpose), and being thankful for them.

I feel like the quote at the beginning nails this. I can’t say that I have felt empty recently, but I have had my share of unease. If I change how I look at my unease, and think about it as a “necessary transition from one state to another,” then the meaning and purpose of my unease has changed from simply being a discomfort, to something I can embrace and be thankful for, knowing it is getting me to a new place.

This understanding stitches together 3 concepts in my quilt: transition, meaning, and purpose.

First, I ask myself, “What is this transition? What does that mean in the context of Gratitude?” and I can respond, “It means becoming more and more aware of Love; full awareness of Love everywhere, as you, as everything. Until you do that, you are in transition to doing that.”

Then, when I ask myself, “What does this discomfort mean, in light of transition?” I can respond to myself, “You’re in transition! You are growing, becoming more aware!”

I can then more easily see the purpose of my discomfort is an increased awareness of Love. My discomfort serves the Purpose of Love…and…I can have gratitude for my discomfort.