A Circle Has No Beginning, No End: Journey of Gratitude – Day 18

Copyright Tam Black 2015 Designed for susanwithpearls.com
Copyright Tam Black 2015
Designed for susanwithpearls.com

Guiding Thought

Seek only to Love in Unity. Love is Pure in Oneness. Love All, including yourself, in Oneness, that you may Know gratitude as the result of Being Whole in Love.



How can I simplify this? How can I communicate the meaning of this Guiding Thought to myself in a way that it will automatically, easily invoke the feeling of these words, without the effort of thinking and processing them?

Turn the words into symbols, into simple pictures “worth a thousand words.”

What is the simplest symbol for Unity?

A circle or a ring.

I see a circle, a golden ring of pure Love. The circle always turns in to itself, an endless movement of pure Love.

I step inside the circle and feel Love’s presence.

I step back out and feel a void.

I step back in, observing the change as I pass into the circle. Inside feels gentle, soft, like I am held by a cloud.

I step out once more, observing: the gentleness is gone; it feels like frozen tundra. When I look around, I see only shadows, grey-tones.

Now I can sense the difference between when I am in the circle and outside of it. I step back in and feel the welcomed softness again; a gentle glow, a small relief, like coming home to a warm fire after being out in a snowstorm.

In a way, this is a process that is happening with a lot of people, all over. Love is always calling to them to step inside the circle. It is always there, always inviting, always receiving. People step in and out many times, comparing, asking themselves, “Where do I want to be?” before they finally decide to remain.

“I want to remain here, in this warmth and comfort. How do I remain here?”

Take your circle with you wherever you go. Invite all you meet to join you within it.

“What if they don’t accept my invitation?”

You must ask yourself:

Are you still in your circle, or have you unknowingly stepped outside of it…a comparison experiment that you may not yet be aware of?

Once you confirm you are in your circle, ask yourself:

Have I extended my circle to include the others?

Have I shared the Unity of Love with them to the best of my current ability?

If you cannot answer these affirmatively, you must strive toward this. Do the best you can do. You must do all you are able to do, in your current state of learning to remain in Love and extend it to others in Unity.

There are many people I meet or who I know, who are outside the circle, deaf to Love’s invitation. Sometimes not joining them “out there” feels like I am abandoning them, betraying them, and leaving them to fend for themselves. And I want to help! I know if they would just step into the circle, they would see and feel how much more pleasant it is inside! Maybe if I go out there, I can explain it to them.

You always have a choice. Do you stay in your circle or join them outside? You know what it feels like inside the circle. You know what it feels like outside it. Which do you want? There is no punishment if you step outside…and Love will call you back…and you will hear. But, not everyone is ready to hear. Some people have not yet heard Love’s invitation. Some have heard and chosen not to listen. Many want to hear but are lost. Many have heard and listened and are still comparing; sometimes the comparing can last a long, long time.

In any of these scenarios, with people you meet, people you love, the only way to serve Love is to remain in Love. You need do nothing but add your voice to Love’s invitation. Love will do the rest.