Setting the Imagined-Ideal Before the Cart: Journey of Gratitude – Day 20

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Guiding Thought

Love is always with you. Focus your whole Self on being entirely with Love. Tune out distractions and place your entire focus on simply being with the Love that is always with you. This is the return. This is eternal Comfort and Peace: Being with Love, as Love is with you.


Imagine a world where everyone is always with the Love that is always with you. What would relationships look like? What would institutions look like? What would social, political, and economic systems look like? Imagine everyone being aligned with that flow of Love, and that flow is the frame of reference that people turn to when building, starting a business, running for a political office. Would there even be businesses or political offices? The phrase “tune out distractions” would become obsolete. There would be no distractions; everything/one would be in Love, always.

I know this idea is “unrealistic”…for now. I know this is a dream…for now. I know the general population is far, far from thinking about life in this way; for that matter, it’s hard for me to really imagine Life as “Being with the Love that is always with me”. But it’s a start, and a direction to go.

I went into the field of political philosophy because it asks questions like “How do we create the best (ideal) social-political systems?” “What is the ‘good life’ and how do we achieve it in society?” “How far can we reach?” “What is justice? What is equality? And how do we achieve those?”  It applies philosophy to real life and strives to apply the imagined-ideal to the real, and to change the real to become more like the imagined-ideal.

Even with my metaphysical/spiritual focus, I am a political philosopher at heart. None of this spiritual/metaphysical stuff matters, unless there is application in the world, unless I strive to bring the ideal into the real (the spiritual into the material).

The philosophies that begin with the individual have always attracted me the most. Everything begins within the mind/heart/actions of each individual. One person. One thought. One action. Small steps, small actions. People pine and groan about “not making a difference” that “their voice doesn’t matter”; but I say NO! Every voice matters!