Life is its Own Reward: Journey of Gratitude – Day 23

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Copyright Tam Black 2015
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Guiding Thought

We fill our minds with the Light of the Truth of Love. What more is there? In the Light of the Truth, we are Free. What more is there? Our consciousness expands in the Truth of Love, forever One, forever Joyful, forever in Peace.


“What more is there?”

I was up reading, contemplating, and writing for about 2 hours before I got to the business of the Journey today. During that time, I was really in the flow, so when I got to reading the Guiding Thought, it came automatically: “What more is there?”

Sometimes I get in that space of simply feeling connected with something. Maybe it’s my inner wisdom, maybe it’s my Christ mind, maybe it’s the Holy Spirit, maybe it’s something else. The feeling can definitely be described as a flow, with a very intelligent, intentional direction. My mind becomes flooded with thoughts, ideas, pictures that all somehow come together and make sense, creating a whole (bigger) picture/idea. I see so clearly; I know what I need to do.

I think, “I just want to be here…what more is there?”

How did I get here? How did I get to this place of serenity that feels so invigorating?

I struggle! I stumble! I fumble! And yet, here I am. Eventually, I always make it back here, to this place of assurance:

  • Here, where it is easy and natural to fill my mind with the light of the Truth of Love
  • Here, where my mind is so open and receptive that I see expansive ideas distilled and manageable
  • Here, where I have clarity of action and direction
  • Here, where all is right, where all is falling into place

This may even be my consciousness expanding! =)

I am so excited about life, so excited to see how everything comes together.

I’ve been working on surrender throughout the past few Journeys; today I feel like I’ve accomplished something. I don’t feel like I have to work on surrender today. I am so happy and excited that I’m okay with letting things be what they are, however they are. Isn’t that the epitome of surrender?

Grace comes after struggle. The result of doing the work is peace and assurance. Life is its own reward.

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