A World Awaits: Journey of Gratitude – Day 25

Copyright Tam Black 2015 Designed for susanwithpearls.com
Copyright Tam Black 2015
Designed for susanwithpearls.com

Guiding Thought

When we are aware of our Self of Love, we see the world through new eyes. Love is the Source of all we see, all we experience; it is the very activity of Life itself. We place our faith in the principle of Love and receive with gratitude all our experiences.


The power set in you in whom the Holy Spirit’s goal has been established is so far beyond your little conception of the infinite that you have no idea how great the strength that goes with you.

A Course in Miracles, original edition

Chapter 17, section VII, Paragraph 70

During a Journey of Freedom, I began to understand gratitude as a natural outcome of simply being “in our Self of Love.” How can I not rejoice in Love? Rejoice in all I Am? I felt this very solidly today.

I find this to be true for myself: When I am aware of my Self of Love, my mind, my body, and my heart are in this state of simple rejoicing. It’s like they are singing and playing and dancing, without “me” doing anything.

This morning I woke up this way…but there was more!

I had a glimpse of the strength and power “in you in whom the Holy Spirit’s goal has been established”. I saw a compare/contrast version of the world, as it is and as it could be—as it is becoming. On the left side of the “page” in my mind, I saw people interacting in ways that I am accustomed to seeing: busy, hassled, friendly but disengaged and disconnected, sometimes impatient and agitated. It was in a sense, normal, as people know the world today to be. I could see how everyone was interacting very much on the surface, there was no depth of connection or engagement, people did not know how to help each other in meaningful ways; people got upset because they thought others didn’t understand them, yet they were unable to understand others in an authentic way.

Then on the right side of the “page” of my mind, I saw all the same people interacting through the power and strength of the Holy Spirit, the One Spirit that unites us. Every interaction was imbued with Love; everyone was smiling, people were patient and kind, listening to each other’s hearts. The feeling was accepting, supportive, and loving. Everyone seemed to acknowledge each other’s role, and everyone was conscious of maintaining a state of Joy and Peace through Love.

What a different world! The contrast was so clear.

I was given a gift in that moment, I saw the veil of illusion lifted; I saw what is possible here, now, if everyone were to see with new eyes. Thank you for the work you are doing now, every day, to be in the world with new eyes, a new outlook.

I saw the world I—and you—are creating…it’s waiting for us.