Inner Compass: Journey of Gratitude – Day 28

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Guiding Thought

We seek only to Love in Unity. Love is Pure in Oneness. We Love All, including ourselves, in Oneness, that we may Know gratitude as the result of Being Whole in Love.


These Guiding Thoughts are more than a brief momentary practice for me, they are a way of life.  I don’t just do the exercise then forget about it. I do my best to bring the words and feelings into my life, so that the practice becomes a part of how I approach every situation, every interaction.

As I drive, I think about the other drivers around me and imagine them as “we”. I see them connected with me, all of us seeking to love in unity; I see golden light streaming through all our hearts, connecting us with each other. I bring the intention of love and oneness to the cashier, the barista, and the cab driver, thanking them all silently for being in my life.

Everything becomes part of the Journey, and the Journey itself acts like a compass pointing me in the right direction. With each interaction I can watch the needle: How do I feel? How do people respond to me? How do I respond to people? Does the needle stay true, or does it quiver slightly, indicating I need to give more love? Does it move completely away from “north” indicating I have strayed wildly? Whatever the case, I have become pretty proficient at feeling it, and recognizing when I am just a bit “off”.

The Guiding Thought keeps me on track. It anchors me in general, like a guideline or breadcrumbs leading me so I don’t get lost. The Guiding Thought also helps me to get back on track, if I have felt a quiver in the needle, or even a jump. I go back to what I know, back to what I know gets me on track: thoughts of love, of connection, of unity, of Oneness; thoughts of seeking truly, of wanting to be truly helpful, of wanting to feel Life fully.

When I maintain thoughts such as these, I stray very little, and when I do, I can move myself back easily. In general, when I maintain these thoughts people respond to me with kindness and generosity. But if my thoughts go astray, I feel it, and my interactions reflect this back to me, seeming grumpier somehow.

The neat thing about this is, with practice, watching my compass needle, watching my thoughts and my interactions that reflect them, I have become attuned to the energy-indicators that tell me how I’m doing, whether I am on track or not. And I can shift my thoughts immediately—or as soon as I realize I have strayed—and get back on track quickly.

Try it. Notice how you feel when you are interacting with someone. Then begin to think thoughts of love, oneness, generosity, kindness and see how or if the interaction changes as a result of you changing. The more you practice, the easier it is to see, to shift, and to call love to every situation.