Aspiring to My Inner Savant: Journey of Gratitude – Day 30

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Guiding Thought

Love is always with us. We focus our whole Self on being entirely with Love. We tune out distractions and place our entire focus on simply being with the Love that is always with us. This is the return. This is eternal Comfort and Peace: Being with Love, as Love is with us.


Of all the Guiding Thoughts on this Journey, this one is the hardest for me to connect with. It feels enormous and distant; I feel puny and inadequate.

Yet, I know that this Guiding Thought—of all the ones on this Journey—is the one that is transforming me the most. After all, the bigger the challenge or resistance, the greater the need to heal it, to listen, and to “get it”.

Love is always with us. Check. I get that…intellectually. My mind can rationally, logically think Love is always with us. There it ends, with the intellect. Thankfully, I know that is a good start!

My awareness of my thoughts leads to understanding, which leads to greater awareness, which leads to greater understanding…which eventually leads to experience and knowing. I recognize this process may take several repetitions before awareness ends up at experiential knowing. I look forward to that.

How do I anticipate experiential knowing?

Someday I will wake up (literally or figuratively) and feel Love surrounding me, permeating every cell, every molecule, every space between cells and molecules. I will feel Love’s substance within me and Know its presence, Know its vastness within and around me. Then I will just Know… Love is always with us.

We focus our whole Self… Nope, not there yet.

“Our whole Self”…if we are infinite and eternal, that is a LOT of Self to focus! I am barely able to focus my intellect as indicated above, much less focus my emotions, my subconscious, my body, my whole Self at the same time!

“Entirely with Love”Entirely. Whew, boy! Not yet.

Not only is this Guiding Thought prompting me to focus my whole Self, it’s prompting me to do it entirely. I feel like “getting this” would be like asking someone with ADHD who is always jumping from thought to thought, action to action, to suddenly transform into an autistic savant and sit at a piano, enrapt and play a beautiful, complex sonata without moving or straying for hours.

That analogy is what I can imagine that transformation feeling like for me, right now. When I focus my whole Self entirely on Love, I’ll be like that autistic savant, but right now, I am more like someone with ADHD.

Why does this matter? Why does it matter to be with the Love that is always with us?

Because we are that Love; it is not just always with us, it is always just us. Love is always whole, always full, always complete. It is never apart from us…but we can think we are apart from It. We must know ourselves as Whole, full, and complete; we must know ourselves as that which we are. Love simply shows us what we already know about ourselves. The more we can be Love, be with Love as It is with us, the more truly we are our Selves.

This is the healing.

This is the seeking.

This is the striving…

To be the Love we are.

And when we are

We know our selves wholly and there is no need to seek or to strive.

This is the return: being who we are, Love.


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