Why a Journey of Courage

Welcome to a Journey of Courage! I’m glad you are here.

What does courage mean to you? In what areas would you like to have more courage? In what ways do you currently find yourself being courageous that you would like to build upon? How can you en-courage others?

This Journey will explore these questions, perhaps create more questions, clarify thoughts/feelings about courage, and in general encourage your own relationship with the process of courage!

Take a moment to think and write about what courage is for you, and what you would like to learn about it during this Journey.

Here are my initial reflections for approaching my own internal Journey. This step sets a foundation for building the rest of the Journey. It brings into focus the areas/issues that have come “on line” for me about the topic and frames my thoughts, feelings, and interactions throughout the Journey around these core ideas.


There’s a difference between what courage means to me, the types of courage I seek/want, and the ways in which I want to be courageous. These three things are rooted together through the concepts of Love and Oneness, but each takes a bit of a different angle. Clarifying them will set the tone for this Journey.

What does courage mean to me?

Courage means facing and transcending or transforming fear.

Every moment of life is spiritual at its center. Every instant of life, every being has access to Infinite Love.

When I feel fear (which comes in many guises) I inhibit my access to Infinite Love.

Every moment I must be in a state of courageous awareness: always keeping at least a portion of my mind/heart attentive to Infinite Love and its directions, and doing my best to align my mind/heart/actions with that direction. This means taking 100% of the responsibility for where and how I direct my energy and thoughts.

My True Self (Soul/Spirit/Christ Consciousness) is fearless, abiding in perfect Love, Peace, and Harmony.

Momentary courage, diligently practiced, takes me to the constant fearlessness of my True Self. In other words, my True Self becomes the actor, in which fears never arise…in which fear has been transcended.

Moments of courage increase access to the fearlessness of my True Self (Infinite Love), until every action is performed in the eternal now of Harmony and Peace, occurring without thought and within Being itself.

This means a constant saying “yes” to Truth, to following one’s own inner wisdom, and saying “no” to well-meaning friends, relatives, or authorities who do not know. Think your thoughts; Be your Self. What is the deepest truth you bring to the world right now?

What type of Courage do I seek/want?

I want the courage of serving God, humanity, the planet, and all its inhabitants in Truth, Simplicity, and Love.

I want the courage to move darkness to full-light of consciousness, of Truth and Love.

I want the courage to be alert and aware, to be totally flexible moment to moment, serving Divine Love.

I want the courage:

  • …to share from the heart.
  • …to be authentic, genuine, and sincere.
  • …to be open and receptive to new ideas and new experiences.
  • …to feel uncomfortable…and to grow!
  • …to not do, to let go of the “I” impulses which seem to move me.
  • …to rise above momentary awareness into ultimate awareness of Oneness, Absolute Reality, or Christ Consciousness.
  • …to merge my personality with my Divine Self.
  • …to dissolve the “I”.
  • …to forgive myself and others.
  • …to choose!
  • …to face this Journey!
  • …to live from my heart-center, connected to my Soul.
  • …to speak/write my truth.
  • …to access expanded states of consciousness, to bring more light to my body and life.
  • …to seek the center of balance in worldly duplicities, that point of Supreme Peace between and beyond love-fear, tension-rest, and chaos-calm.
  • …to be ready for “what’s next”!
  • …to dare! Be bold! Be original!
  • …to express the Divine virtues and perfection within me.
  • …to accept Grace…
  • …to trust!
  • …to choose the Divine 100%.

Thus, I declare! Today I release the bonds that would bind me in fear and separation! I meet fears with courageous, transformative Love! I move forward boldly, embracing all steps on life’s journey! I recognize my responsibility for my own transformation! I accept my part in shifting to a consciousness of Love and Oneness! So be it.