Bring on the Dragons…Or Not: Journey of Courage – Day 04

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Guiding Thought

I am safe in Divine Love’s assurance. I have the courage to face the ignorance and illusions within me and root them out. I allow the Light of Love to enter my mind and heart. Divine Love shines within me destroying anything false, transforming me from within.


Now I understand the first three days! They were the warm-up, the vision, and the alternative.

It can be really frightening to just jump in and start slaying one’s inner dragons, especially if you don’t know where you are going, or who you are without those familiar parts of yourself. If I had just jumped in, I might have gotten too scared and run away…permanently. I do recall having a bit of anxious-anticipation about what this Journey would bring. I wasn’t ready to just jump in. The first three days took care of that, like giving me a wading pool to dip my toes first.

But more than that! They gave me a foundation to remind me of the outcome, the reason I strive, the purpose of clearing and purifying the places within me that are not quite up to my own standards.  Why do I strive? Why does it matter to clear away the dark places?  Because I want to be whole; I want to heal the separation, unite the divisions within myself and everywhere! Because, in my experience, Divine Love and service to It brings me the greatest meaning, purpose, joy, and energy…and I want more! Would it be too wrong to say “Divine Energy Whore”? I think God actually just got a kick out of that.

Lastly, the first three days created an alternative for my mind to hold on to. See, if I were to just start slaying dragons, they would evaporate in a pillar of smoke, leaving an empty space. What would I do with that empty space? You know what they say about voids needing to be filled…

Let me just clarify that “dragon” here refers to negative/fearful thoughts or habits of the mind, heart, or actions. It’s true, I am picturing demons and dragons, but my imagination is just having fun; I’m kind of in a medieval mood (my inner light is a knight in shining armor on an enormous horse, with a red and gold caparison. I have no idea why my imagination is so active in this manner today). If I slay a dragon of my mind, and don’t have anything readily at hand to replace it, my habits and patterns may fill the void with a dragon that behaves exactly like the one I just slayed.

So, what I mean about the dragon evaporating and filling the void, means eliminating “old” or “undesirable” thoughts/habits/behaviors, and replacing those with *new and improved* thoughts/habits/behaviors!

We are energy-thought-form. We direct our energy into form through our thoughts. The higher quality our thoughts, the higher quality the forms we experience. So, when we eliminate old patterns of thought, it makes sense to replace it with something that will improve our experience. The first three days’ Guiding Thoughts do this! Life is supreme! Oneness is wonderful! Who wants death and division anyway?

The first three days were the preparation, the security blanket. I am happy we repeat those Guiding Thoughts throughout the Journey, I am going to need repeated re-assurance and security!

You see? I’m still not quite ready, still not quite courageous enough to start. Today, was the first day for courage, and what did I do? Spent it talking about the last three days. Yeah. Wimp, I am.

But a happy, encouraged, and at peace wimp, ready for what’s next. Here. Not running. That’s enough for now.