A New Kind of Courage: Journey of Courage – Day 06

Copyright Tam Black 2015 Designed for susanwithpearls.com
Copyright Tam Black 2015
Designed for susanwithpearls.com

Guiding Thought

I am responsible! I am able to respond with and through conscious awareness of my inner-centered, silent Knowingness. I practice Knowingness moment by moment. Anchored in my inner-harmony, I have the courage to face my own thoughts and actions.


“Why are you clinging to a limited version of yourself, no matter how comforting that may be to you and the perception of your ego, when worlds upon worlds are beckoning to be discovered and experienced?”

-Babaji, in Shiva Speaks by Rashmi Khilnani

When I started this Journey, I had an idea that courage had to do with finding, rooting out, and transforming fear-based patterns and habits. For example, when I’ve worked on creative projects of self-expression, I’ve fallen into a rut of feeling like I’m not good enough, or a rut of fear of failure (or success!), which have put me in a slump of stagnation or procrastination. When I was able to disassociate enough from the rut, I was able to see the cause of the rut (feeling not good enough, etc.), and work on my self-esteem enough to pull me out of the rut to be creative again.

The cause of the rut, in this case feeling not good enough, was what I needed to find-root out-transform…which requires courage.

That’s the type of thing I was expecting for this Journey: having those blocks show up that I would then “work on” and transform.

But today I am seeing something different. Transforming “old” patterns, habits, and behaviors like that does require courage, and I continue to take that approach when those limiting things show up, but now, there is also a new kind of courage.

The new courage is about:

  • Moving myself intentionally
  • Making choices here and now that I take responsibility for
  • Creating transformation (into a consciously chosen state of being)

The new is about:

  • Actively approaching new choices, not just “waiting” for stuff to surface to be transformed
  • Trusting that I am able to make choices that will expand my joy-love-life, rather than being fearful I will create chaos or misery

I’ve (finally!) gotten to a place where I have the courage to really create from my truest-highest self.

  • Being vigilant to do so requires courage.
  • Not “slipping back” requires awareness, diligence, and courage.
  • Awareness-of and action-on my inner-centered, silent Knowingness requires courage.

A new day. A new moment. A new choice. A new courage.

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