Props to the Stage Crew: Journey of Courage – Day 18

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Guiding Thought

Allow yourself to connect with your pure Inner Divine Heart of Oneness. Be aware of the expression of the Divine Heart through you, as you. Connect with your heart, and be aware of embodying its pure Love intention for All.  Be filled with Joy as I embrace my heart’s Love.


Life’s a stage (to paraphrase Shakespeare) and all the men and women merely players with their entrances, exits, and many parts; this leads me to liken the subtle energies of the Divine Heart of Oneness to the stage crew of the production.

In most of the stage productions I’ve seen, the stage crew changes scenes with the lights out or the curtain down. The audience never sees the activity; they just see there is a new set on the stage. This is, perhaps, how many people experience the subtle energies in their life. The energies are at work behind the scenes; the stage setup changes without them really seeing it happen.

Not all set changes happen with the curtains down and the lights off, though. I remember the first play I saw where the stage crew was an integral part of the production itself. Each crew member was dressed completely in black and always on the stage. They moved like ghosts, slowly picking up props to move them, gliding slowly about the stage as they shifted scenes behind, as scenes continued to play out in the fore. When the changes were done the figures would become immobile and fade into the scenery itself, standing against a tree or crouching next to a chair. The stage hands were not meant to be invisible, but they were meant to be unobtrusive—so subtle that only if someone were paying attention to the figures in black would they be noticed, never detracting from the main characters.

I find this a good metaphor for the subtle energies of the heart, for the inner movements, for becoming aware of the stillness. Instead of things appearing from behind a curtain, when I notice I can watch the slow gliding activity of these subtle energies. They can go undetected, but with attention I can acclimate myself to when and how they move. I have to pay attention while they are moving, otherwise they will blend back into the background.

This is how I feel about “Be aware of the expression of the Divine Heart through you, as you.” Divine Love is always expressing itself through me, as me, but unless I notice it, and watch what it is doing as me, I only see the scene change after the curtain is raised. It’s easy to overlook, to not notice—the main characters on the stage of my life too often have my full attention.

In order to pay attention to Love’s expression through me, as me, to its activity outside of me, I must first become acquainted with Love—I can only do that within myself. The love within me teaches me to recognize itself outside of me. That’s why stillness and a quiet mind are important. This is where love resides, and where I learn of it within myself. As I see it and recognize it within, I can see it in the background, always, on the stage of life.