Like a Rollin’ Stone: Journey of Courage – Day 20

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Guiding Thought

Be aware, allow, accept What Is. Go within to your silent Self which Knows and follow your Inner Wisdom to Truth. Practice Divine Balance in thought, word, and action. You Are! You Are your Self! You Are your Self of Love!


I mentioned in my opening remarks in Why a Journey of Courage that I thought I would be changing during this Journey, that there would be a shift.

I think I was right. It’s notable I haven’t had any real freak-outs, that the skeptic has been extremely low-key, barely showing herself, and that I have remarked a couple of times about feeling lead or guided. These are all “firsts” throughout the entirety of my Journeys so far.

These Journeys bring momentum to the energy in the consciousness. The thoughts during the contemplation and reflection direct that energy and give it momentum. When the energy has enough momentum—that is, when enough of the thoughts are aligned in the direction of the momentum, so that the ball rolls on its own with no resistance—that’s when there is a felt “shift in consciousness”. The energy is sufficiently directed the way it is intended, the way you want it to go, and the internal friction and resistance is minimized (or nullified). At that point, the energy moves ahead with no effort. This is the feeling of being guided or lead.

I can feel this happening. At first, it was as though I was pushing a boulder. (“Pushing” in this metaphor means both attainment and letting go. The paragraph on Buddhism here is relevant). The boulder didn’t move, but I grew stronger. As I grew stronger, the boulder moved the slightest amount, barely a quiver. I pushed more and grew stronger, the boulder moved a bit more; I pushed more, grew stronger, the boulder started rolling s-l-o-w-l-y, barely perceptible, but I kept pushing. It picked up speed slowly as I kept pushing and pushing…and it started rolling more easily; the pushing became easier, but I was still pushing…then, it started rolling without me.

My job now is to allow it and maintain it, to be aware of any small frictions that may come up and slow it down again or hinder its progress. It’s always easier to keep the boulder rolling than to have to start it rolling by pushing again.

The boulder represents the energy—that energy that is the manifest, the un-manifest, the All behind the all. “Me pushing” represents impressing “my” thoughts upon this energy, which because it is the All, is also my thoughts. The energy of All impresses itself upon itself with itself. [I have an image of Ouroboros (the snake eating its own tail) in my head.]

This is where today’s Guiding Thought comes in. This is the “Be aware” in today’s Guiding Thought. Be aware of the All, of What Is.

On a material, conscious level, it is very difficult to maintain awareness of all the activity of manifest and unmanifest energy (don’t you think?). That’s why it’s necessary to go within to the silent Self which Knows, even for just a moment, to feel the energy of All around you, through you, as you.

The Divine Balance is bringing the knowledge and experience of the silent Self which Knows into the physical. This is the building of momentum of Oneness. We bring more awareness of Oneness into consciousness every time we visit the silent Self which Knows Itself as Oneness.

As we bring the knowledge of the energy of All with All as us into our conscious lives, we push the boulder. We keep pushing until the boulder no longer has resistance and has a momentum all its own—Oneness.