AE-Nx-Tc-Ii-Ct-Ie-Pm-Ae-Tn-It-O-N: Journey of Courage – Day 27

Copyright Tam Black 2015 Designed for
Copyright Tam Black 2015
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Guiding Thought

Love is strong! Powerful! We embrace Love and wield it through our awareness of Oneness. Oneness destroys the illusions of the mind, of the past, and of the material world. We move forward courageously with Peace in the Truth of Love and Oneness.


What are you bringing into the world? What are you creating in your life? What are you giving birth to? Where do you place your energy and attention? What are your actions and thoughts? What is inhibiting you? What are you releasing? What are you suppressing? What are you raising to consciousness? What are old habits and behaviors that no longer serve you? How are you changing? What do you want? What do you want to be? What is your unique becoming?

YOU ARE SUPPORTED. You are so loved.

Life watches you with excitement and amazement. It waits on pins and needles to see what you will do with it, in it, for it.

We move forward courageously!

We move forward together.

Isn’t it exciting?

Not knowing, not knowing what’s ahead, what the next step is, that’s part of the excitement!

I wrote the other day (Day 25) about anticipation and the feeling of fear. Today anticipation is the feeling of excitement!

When I was very young, on Christmas morning, my brother, sister, and I would wake up really early and huddle together in excitement and anticipation, at the top of the steps, waiting for the cue to run down for what awaited us.

That’s it. Not Christmas or a lit tree or presents, but having that kind of excitement to run toward the unknown, knowing it’s full of gifts!

Who needs courage to run toward certain gifts? Run with abandonment! Run, assured in Peace and Love toward the gifts life is waiting to shower upon you! Run, abandoning fear and caution and hesitancy! Everything is before you, for you, waiting for you.

Allow Love to pull you toward itself. Go freely, easily, willingly. Give yourself to Love as Love gives itself to you: the only gift that matters; the only gift there is.


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