A Journey of Courage: Afterword

Maybe I shouldn’t be, but I am becoming more and more amazed (awed, if you will) at the way these Journeys are beginning to visibly shape my life. Synchronicity is happening. Right timing is happening. My thoughts from the Journeys are manifesting.

Two things primarily stand out: 1) Life itself is “feeding” me what I am asking for; I am experiencing things showing up that I have written about here. 2) The Journeys themselves are creating the Journey process; things I have written about in past Journeys are connecting with things in this Journey…and I am already seeing how this Journey connects to the next one, A Journey of the Heart.

Here is one of those things I want to explain, that I want to share with you: the depth of insight, the feeling of just knowing I am doing this “right”, that I am being guided, or am “manifesting” what is exactly right for me right now. But I also know words won’t quite do it.

I hope, truly hope, each of you reading this have your own experience of what I am talking about. I think you probably do, in some way, from some point in your life. Things just feel right. And if you know, or have known, this feeling, you know it’s not the kind of thing anyone else can understand by your explanation of your experience…but if they tap into their own recollection of that time when things just felt right they will know immediately what you mean. Tap into that for me, now. Do you feel it? Life is right and perfect, right here, right now, tomorrow, yesterday; everything flows, everything is with you and for you. That’s what I’m talking about.

One of the things that is amazing is that this guiding, the things I have “found”, are not things from my conscious mind. It’s not like I have said, “I want to receive a blue balloon” and a blue balloon shows up. It’s not tangible like that. I go to my heart, to my highest ideals of Love and Oneness (through the contemplations each day) and (miraculously?) the right and perfect thing that feeds my heart with Love and Oneness “arrives” (or occasionally steps in to release the things in the way of Love).

Let me give you some examples, at the risk of using words to describe this:

I started the Journey, saying this:

“Every moment I must be in a state of courageous awareness: always keeping at least a portion of my mind/heart attentive to Infinite Love and its directions, and doing my best to align my mind/heart/actions with that direction…This means a constant saying “yes” to Truth, to following one’s own inner wisdom.”

And also this:

“I want the courage: …to be open and receptive to new ideas and new experiences. …to dissolve the “I”. …to not do, to let go of the “I” impulses which seem to move me.…to access expanded states of consciousness, to bring more light to my body and life. …to be ready for “what’s next”! …to accept Grace…”

I mentioned on Day 26 that I had “found” a healing practice called Jharra. This was, I believe, a direct response to what I had written, and the work I had been doing consciously and sub-consciously for many months. It was “what’s next” that I had wanted the courage to face. It has dissolved so much of my “I”. When I “found” it, there were no “I” impulses, I simply said “yes”. It has shown me a sliver of a new state of awareness, and new light to my consciousness. It has shown me Grace (as well as devotion, love, and gentleness).

But more than this! Do you remember that at the end of the previous Journey (of Gratitude), and really throughout that Journey, I had been having a lot of “issues” with the phrase of the Guiding Thought, “We tune out distractions and place our entire focus on simply being with the Love that is always with us”? Well, it has been during this Journey, and particularly with the work I’ve done with Jharra, that I have learned to be with the Love that is always with me! I can do it now! I am not shy and embarrassed, or feeling guilty or worthless in the face of Love. I am just with Love. Wow!

Then there were obvious synchronicities and “right timing” that happened over the course of this Journey: A colleague introducing me to a friend, who amazingly lives right near me and does very similar “work”. Seeing an old friend out of nowhere at Trader Joe’s who (through me) then got in contact with another old friend, with whom she had fallen out of touch. Several (!) unexpected checks came in the mail (right before the holidays, thank you!).

And the neat thing is, I don’t feel involved with it all. That is, “I” don’t feel involved with it all. It’s happening. I am just here.

And I also have to monitor myself so “I” don’t get involved. As I write this, I feel excited and amazed thinking about it all. But as it was happening it was just me feeling neutral (or rather, not feeling), like “yeah, this is right”. When things feel that way, there is no ego-involvement, there is no actor, there is no action…and that’s what makes it right. So as I sit here, feeling excited, I have to remember the excitement is of my ego-mind, wanting to claim it, or have a stake in it. NO! Let it be. Let it be through me, not of me.

I dare say the Journey of Courage was more of a “success” than I ever could have imagined. But I am not really even sure what that means. I know I am encouraged, and I am ready for what’s next, whatever that is.

I also know that Journey of the Heart is going to be absolutely right and perfect in this here-and-now flow. Following my heart, listening to its wisdom, following where it leads is what’s next. Let’s do it!

I do hope you will join me for Journey of the Heart. I know that Journey of the Heart begins on a bit of an awkward day—January 1, 2016—but it’s going to be good, so very good. It will be a continuation…and a beginning.

Your flow is waiting for you. It’s right there. Step in.