Why Journey of the Heart

Welcome to 2016. Journey of the Heart begins! For those who are returning to the Journeys, welcome back; for those who are new here, welcome! If you are new to the Journeys, this post may not make much sense, so please check out what’s going on here.

Why Journey of the Heart

I  begin with the heart because the heart represents love and the physical seat of the soul. It is through the heart that we connect with our deepest wishes-wants-desires, those things that are intangible and abstract, yet give us the most fulfillment, the most filled-fullness.

It is in the heart that dualities are unified and limits are expanded. It is through the heart that we solve puzzles with disparate pieces. Being aware of the heart helps us make better choices. Opening the heart brings us more love and harmony.

The cycle begins with the heart to establish these qualities: unity, connection, heart-felt intuition, love, and harmony. The Journeys that follow this one will draw from the heart-energy we bring forth here on this Journey. We will be directing our consciousness to build a solid foundation upon which our consciousness can grow over the upcoming journeys.

In this sense, Why Journey of the Heart is very simple: simply begin a relationship with the heart; take the steps; begin. Each day, connect with your heart, invite your heart-energy to inform your choices, and open to its direction.

Allow it to be simple; allow the opening to be slow. There are many who need to heal their relationship with their heart; it takes time to open, listen, and trust. Be gentle with yourself (and I remind myself of that too!) as you move through the 40-days.

Allow it to be fun! There is so much Joy within you waiting to come forth! Even as I write this, I feel my heart almost giddy with delight and anticipation—it knows what happiness awaits!

For myself, I have (as usual) a few things that I want to work on specifically for this Journey, keeping in mind I am setting the stage for the following 13 Journeys over the next two years. This is a “big picture” plan for myself—you do not need to go this far in thinking about how to frame your Journey of the Heart.

  1. I’ve mentioned that these Journeys are a system and process leading to enlightenment. This means (in short): walking in physical reality in-light and with love (“in-light-and-love-ment!”). Also it implies bringing unity consciousness (Christ-consciousness) into all thoughts and actions (letting go of duality-consciousness). As I said above, the heart is the physical seat of the soul. This means that it is also the part within us which is closest to the energy of infinity, eternity, Divine Love, and Divine Oneness. To walk with enlightenment means to bring that energy connected to the heart out, into the world.
  2. Divine co-creation. This is something I have been working on for a while…What is the highest work that I can do in the world? What can I bring and give to serve others with highest Divine Light and Love? In a word: what is my purpose? Connecting with my heart will help me connect with this deepest inner part of me to uncover/discover my Divine Service.
  3. The heart is passionate. I want that. I want that joy and exuberance that comes from knowing that my life and work is the highest possible co-creation currently available to me (refer to #2 above).
  4. Much of my life I have been a highly pensive-thoughtful-mental-intellectual person. It is a fairly big part of my self-identity. During Journey of Courage, I began to work on my Heart’s Ph.D. I want to continue that. This means letting go of self-identification with my mind and intellect. This does not mean I must give up my mind and intellect…but it does mean I need to let go of any attachments to it, and learn to embrace my heart-feelings-intuition.
  5. In past Journeys, I have worked on trust of and surrender to the Divine; devotion falls in line with those. These things—trust, surrender, and devotion—are deeply personal and intimate to me; they have to do with my personal relationship with the Divine. I will do my best to share what I can on this Journey about this. I want to strengthen my joyous-heart-celebration-gratitude devotion to the divine. I know I am devoted: I do the stuff…but I need to open my heart to feeling it, to knowing devotion with my whole being, not just with my mind.

That’s not too much, is it?

Take some time today to think about your heart, and what you want from it, what you want to learn. How can this Journey serve your heart-connection, so that your heart-connection can serve the world?

I am so glad you are here!