2016 Journey of the Heart: Commitment and Dedication


I commit to connecting with my heart for 5 minutes, 20 minutes, or more on this Journey. I am committed to feeling and knowing my heart’s joys and deepest desires! For this time on this Journey, through directing my mind-heart-will toward Divine Love and Light through contemplation and meditation, I commit to gaining a deeper relationship with my Heart of Love.



This Journey of the Heart is dedicated to the Divine Mother in all Her forms. She is the Shakti, the Divine energy behind the action. She is the wisdom, the comfort, the compassion that directs energy into its right (highest good for all) space and time.

I dedicate this Journey to the Divine Mother in order to set my personal energy in alignment with Her Divine energy, in order that all my thoughts, words, and actions may flow forth from Her source. In this way, I can release “my” thoughts about what “I” think is “right” or what” I” think “should be” and wait with patience and trust on Her to bring about Highest Good within my personal experience.

What is my heart’s desire? What makes my heart happy? Where does my highest love express itself in my experience, and how do I bring that about? What gives my heart courage? What actions can I take that encourage others’ hearts? How and where do we all find our deepest joy? These questions, given to Divine Love, come to fulfillment through Her; thus I dedicate this Journey to the Divine Mother.

May any thought I think, any word I speak, any action I take be cause for the benefit and enlightenment of all, through Divine Love and Light. May anything not in alignment with Divine Love and Light be transformed and lifted to its highest place in this now-time and here-space for the benefit of all.