“Egg-plosion”: Journey of the Heart 2.0 – Day 12

Journey of the Heart - Day 12 Susan Billmaier for susanwithpearls
Journey of the Heart – Day 12
Susan Billmaier for susanwithpearls

Guiding Thought

Today, decide to give your heart reign.

Trusting in love, assured with its gentle comfort, invite your heart to lead you with joy and peace to joy and peace. Surrender your mind and will to your heart’s love.

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Journey of the Heart audio created by Brad Vanlandingham for Susanwithpearls-



Life is the practice. Life is the Journey. Life is the proving ground; I am the test, the tester, and the analyzer of the results. Especially when I am doing the Journeys, this is how I feel: everything is part of it; everything is it. The more awareness I bring to the practice, to the Journey, to the testing, the more I see, the more I understand. The more I bring, the more I get out of it.

As I was drawing today, I felt like each blue arch was a layer of atmosphere. The egg is at the lowest “level”, I suppose what could be the material level (or maybe earth), and the vertical colors are the vibrations and resonances the egg is exuding.

Those vibrations go from a thicker, heavier density through one atmosphere into a second, where they become more dispersed. Then they go through that atmosphere into another, where they become even more diffuse and lighter. By the time they go through the third atmosphere, the vibration and resonance has increased to different colors which are now almost in waves, rather than direct lines—the movement is as much horizontal as it is vertical.

I felt like I was able to “go up” through the atmospheres and experience the different levels of vibration, while also understanding and experiencing the “vibration” or perspective from directly above, or with, the egg. It was as though I could interpret the same experience from several emotional/mental places.

It was very relaxing and calming. There was nothing specific I was focused on—no “issues”, no concerns, no doubts…I was really (truly!) simply connecting with my heart and its purest intention.

This is what I think I am learning: I am learning that the feeling knows. I do not have to know, as long as I can tap into the feeling. The feeling can show up as a symbol (the egg seems to be a theme at the moment!), and as long as I focus on the feeling, I don’t have to think about interpreting the symbol. My heart, my intention, my intuition know what the symbol is saying to me. I just need to tap in, and feel.

“Path of Least Resistance”: Journey of the Heart 2.0 – Day 11

Journey of the Heart - Day 11 Susan Billmaier for susanwithpearls
Journey of the Heart – Day 11
Susan Billmaier for susanwithpearls

Welcome to Round 2! See an explanation for how the Guiding Thoughts change for this round here.


Guiding Thought

Your Heart knows how to love.

Everything is energy.

The most potent energy is love.

As you learn love, invite the most powerful energy to express through you, to live as you, to be you!

Your heart is Love’s abode.

Your heart teaches only love.

You are a willing and joyful student!

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Journey of the Heart audio created by Brad Vanlandingham for Susanwithpearls-



WOW. I’m only on day 11 and the verifications and synchronicities have already been almost overwhelming. I’ve just been given yet another verification that this Journey, and what I am doing in my life and work, are absolutely right on.

I was doing my daily check-in online, saw this article, and hopped over to give it a gander. The first thing I saw was, “Our cage door has flung open and it’s time to fly…2016 is the year we’ll finally be able to follow our hearts desires” (emphasis mine). That’s what I’m talking about. As I read the article, I realized it was just throwing at me everything I am doing on this Journey, for example:

  • If you’ve been unhappy in your work then it’s time to listen to the cry of your heart and do something about it, before the universe does it for you. But either way, you’ll no longer be able to ignore your heart and carry on like a zombie, miserable and feeling hopeless. Your sense of power won’t let you. [Just 2 days ago I wrote about my job-transitioning!]
  • You’re about to start the action phase in a major way. You won’t be able to help moving forward as opportunities will find you. [I have, I have! I have started “the action phase in a major way”—beginning to reach out to more people, to teach more, to write book proposals…yes!]
  • It’s all there for us this year, forward momentum, energy, and direction, and we’re being urged to dig deep and get honest about who we want to be and what we want to be doing (emphasis mine). [Yup! That’s what we/I do here…]
  • Your heart is calling to you, and you’ll no longer be able to ignore what it says. [I’m listening! I’m listening!]
  • Follow your urges and your secret wishes, as they are the clues to what you’re meant to be doing.Most of you will know what that is deep down, and others will need a little help to find it, but our paths are becoming clear. [“CLUES”!!]
  • …All we need to do is quieten down inside of yourself and focus your attention on what is important. [As I’ve mentioned, I began doing a heart-meditation every morning, in addition to doing the Journey. It quiets me down and connects me deeply to my Inner-Self, in a way that very much compliments and enhances the Journey]

So, you see, the universe is showing me something is working. Interestingly, it’s OK with me that I am not quite sure what that “something” is. It’s also OK that I don’t know exactly where I am going or what I am doing. I can imagine if this were the “me” a year or two ago, I would be conflicted, doubtful, and stressed about not knowing…instead I’m able to accept the unknown and the forward progress, simply following the trail of breadcrumbs my heart is leaving for me.

Read the full article here.