“Whirlin’ Swirlin'”: Journey of the Heart 2.0 – Day 27

Journey of the Heart - Day 27 Susan Billmaier for susanwithpearls
Journey of the Heart – Day 27
Susan Billmaier for susanwithpearls

Guiding Thought

We focus our heart-love in the service of each other.

As we serve each other through our deepest heart-love, our own love expands and becomes amplified.

There is always more love to share, to give, to experience!

Joy and gratitude fill us, when we open to our heart’s love!

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Journey of the Heart audio created by Brad Vanlandingham for Susanwithpearls-



I felt really good this morning. I felt a lot of self-acceptance: I like myself. And I felt happy. The two seemed related—liking myself and being happy. But what’s the relationship? Does liking myself make me happier or does being happy make me like myself more? Or are the two completely unrelated, and I just happened to like myself and be happy this morning?

Let me note, these feelings (liking myself and happy) were totally organic and natural this morning. They were just there. I didn’t think about them; I didn’t do anything to make them “happen”. There was simply this bubbling up of self-acceptance and happiness.

I don’t experience that kind of happiness all the time—but it is my pursuit! In fact, feeling happiness is one of the things that started this whole Journey “thing”. One day, back in 2013, I wrote this regarding happiness:

“Let me be clear: this was not just a moment of waking up and just feeling good (although it was also that). It was not a moment of looking at all the good things in my life and being thankful (although it was also that). It was not a just moment of being proud of how far I’ve come and how much I’ve accomplished (although it was even also that). It was a moment of deep, deep, satisfaction that rippled out infinitely as JOY. It was so peaceful and real that I want to share it with everyone. I want you to be happy, so deeply happy that your peace is unshakable, your joy is overflowing, and all you want is for everyone to know the joy you know.” (see full article here)

The happiness I felt this morning was only a fraction of what I described back in 2013. Happiness is so real and so amazing. We just don’t know, most of the time. Even I live “happiness” as more of a clichéd hope than a real feeling. But I know it’s real, and I keep coming back to it; it keeps feeding me, reminding me how real it is…and I’ve needed the reminders. There will come a time when happiness is the natural state, for all of us, all the time. We are bringing it closer every day.

In that same post, I said, “Happiness is tied to purpose”. I do not think it is a coincidence I got the HUGE reminder about how happiness feels this morning, and the next Journey is going to be Journey of Purpose 2.0 (beginning on February 22). I am SO happy about these Journeys, so thankful for them. I am thankful for your participation, for you being here, doing your part; we are doing it.

Journey of Purpose is going to be great; we are building the foundation for it through our hearts of joy!

I hope you are beginning to see either through my Journeys or on your own, how themes recur, how we revisit ideas, learning about them in new and different ways each time they come up. Each time as new parts of ourselves are revealed, or old parts are released, we keep moving forward. Moving forward intentionally, with purpose, together.

This last bit is not directly related to what I’ve written today, or to the Guiding Thought, but since I am feeling some anticipation for Journey of Purpose, and since I have talked about my occasional impatience, this seemed important to add today:

“On the spiritual path, things which ordinarily appear contradictory become complementary. Be impatiently patient, or be patiently impatient; but both have to be together. If you choose one, there is danger. Patience alone is going to become laziness; impatience alone is going to become unnecessary anguish, anxiety. They both are needed, balanced; so impatience keeps you longing, waiting, and patience keeps you from becoming tense, from creating anxiety. Both have their parts to fulfill on the spiritual path.”


The Rebellious Spirit, Chapter Seven

more here: https://wordpress.com/read/post/feed/485517/915935506

3 thoughts on ““Whirlin’ Swirlin'”: Journey of the Heart 2.0 – Day 27

      • Hi Sus,

        Nothing came to mind, but then I saw this open tab on my computer. Your question.

        Ok, I did a random thing (and opened an Osho/Rajneesh book of mine to a random page – it’s called Biblio-divining or something like that).

        Mind you, I am doing this before I close up my “computer shop” for the weekend (or at least, for today). I’m headed to the mountains to study. Meanwhile, here, Rajneesh is quoting Henry Thoreau, “I will take care of my enemies, but you take care of my friends. I will fight with my enemies, but protect me from my friends.”

        Wow… nothing “light” about that one.

        Osho’s quote is a question that follows, “How can you love when you are closed?” He is talking about how we live in capsules that interact.

        Dear Osho, closing my computer is okay. I have lots of study to do ~ while everything is indeed study. He says, “that’s why I say, even death is a blessing.”

        “And then what?” He says, p. 763 in his Book of Secrets, in the dialogue, he replies to himself,

        “[Then what?] never arises. because with the realization you are no more, only God is.”

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