“Energy Chaos”: Journey of the Heart 2.0 – Day 31

Journey of the Heart - Day 31 Susan Billmaier for susanwithpearls
Journey of the Heart – Day 31
Susan Billmaier for susanwithpearls

Guiding Thought

My Heart knows how to love.

Everything is energy.

The most potent energy is love.

As I learn love, I invite the most powerful energy to express through me, to live as me, to be me!

My heart is Love’s abode.

My heart teaches only love.

I am a willing and joyful student!

-Play the Guiding Thought here (loops automatically).
Journey of the Heart audio created by Brad Vanlandingham for Susanwithpearls-



Welcome to Round 4! See an explanation for how the Guiding Thoughts change for this round here.

How are you doing? Are you oozing with love and good will? Are you releasing “guck” and feeling uplifted? Have you found a new peace or harmony in your mind/body/emotions? Do you feel life loving you?

All is well. This is just the beginning. The END of this Journey is JUST THE BEGINNING. It’s very exciting. This concluding round leads us into Journey of Purpose >whoohooo!<. You know…when I started these Journeys, the very first one I began with was Journey of Purpose. At that time (back in 2013) I didn’t even call it Journey of Purpose—I didn’t know what to call it, so I just called it my “Consciousness Journey”. Its purpose was to figure out my purpose. And lo! Here I am. Who knew that the figuring out would turn into the Being. (becoming…being…becoming… get it?) J

Here we are at the beginning of the second month of 2016. Usually, when the year changes, I, like so many people, sit down to think about my New Year’s resolutions. Or, more accurately for me, I think about my goals for the year. Most of the time my goals are spiritually oriented, for example, increasing the types of practices I do or increasing the time I spend doing them.

I entered this year without much thought about my goals—which is odd for me. All I knew, all I decided, was I wanted to add the practices of Earth (fasting) and Fire (fire ceremony, Agni Hotra, or just sitting with a fire). “Add” to me, means maintaining the practices I already do (air, mind, water), not sloughing those off to make room for something more.

So far so good! However, I’ve notice two things. First, I have added more than I anticipated–in addition to Earth and Fire; I have been doing MORE mantra/prayer—a lot more. Second, I have felt a bit scrambled, trying to incorporate and integrate the new practices.

With the first, I have decided to systematize (because that’s just what I do) the practice of mantra/prayer, and make a renewed New Year’s resolution to incorporate mantra. Did you know that if done quickly, you can say the “Om Namah Shivaya” or “Thy Will be Done” 108 times in 90 seconds? That means that in one hour, you can do 40 mala rounds. If you record yourself doing just one round, and loop the recording, your own voice keeps you on task. There are 333 days left to 2016. If you take one hour each day and do 40 mala rounds, then by 2017 you will have done 333 x 40= 13,320; 13,320 x 108= 1,438,560 (in Eastern practices, the 108 is rounded down to 100, so the total would be counted as 1,332,000). Over a MILLION. There has got to be some benefit to a million thoughts focused on God, wouldn’t you think? So, you see where I am going with this. There are several mantras I work with, so I am still sorting out how many, and which mantras, I am going to use to accomplish a million (or more!). I’ll keep you updated.

As for the second, I think feeling scrambled comes with the territory for me. It falls into the “transition” experience. When I go through a transition, things feel a little chaotic for a time. I notice this especially in financial matters—if I get a new credit card (or any new bill), or have to pay something unexpectedly, or transition in jobs, and my finances have to be set up differently, etc., things just feel out of whack for a bit of time until everything becomes settled again.  I’m not too worried about it; the feeling of scrambled is familiar enough that it’s not disconcerting—I know I have “added something new” and I’m simply adjusting.

Something I’ve noticed over the years, as I continue to increase my practices, I always figure out how to make room for them. Or, maybe I should say, THEY always figure out how I make room for them. One amazing thing about practices is as you do them, they call you to do them. They feel so good and provide such benefit (often on sub-conscious or energetic levels) that slowly you feel like doing more and slowly adjust to having time to do more. They don’t grow as burdens; they grow as joys. For example, I was looking back in my records (yes, I have frequently recorded my spiritual practices; it has to do with the MIND, with the conscious acknowledgement of DOING. If your mind doesn’t “see” it, it’s almost as though you haven’t done it, the mind needs proof; so I record a lot of what I do.) …so I was looking back in my records from 2013 and at that time I was only doing about 3 mala rounds each day, of one mantra. Now look at me, figuring out how to do 40 mala rounds each day. The point is start where you can, do what is easy, do what feels right. Do your best. Just start where you are!

As always, THANK YOU for joining me on this Journey (and the next and the next!). Your energy, your contribution matter to us all. We can’t do it without you. I hope you are looking forward to Journey of Purpose as much as I am! Love and appreciation to you today and always.


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