“Harvest”: Journey of the Heart 2.0 – Day 36

Journey of the Heart - Day 36 Susan Billmaier for susanwithpearls
Journey of the Heart – Day 36
Susan Billmaier for susanwithpearls

Guiding Thought

I listen to my heart and with my heart.

My heart pays attention to others, listening to their inner voice, their unspoken words.

I care, and attend with love to their deeper, silent needs, asking their heart, “How may I strengthen you and raise your energy?”

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Journey of the Heart audio created by Brad Vanlandingham for Susanwithpearls-



Everyone has what is today known as “self-talk”—the voices in your head, mostly mimicked from past authority figures telling you about yourself. I’m reading the Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson, and Vin, the protagonist, “hears” the voice of her dead brother, Reen, telling her, “If you trust anyone they will betray you.” “Ruthlessness is the most practical of emotions.” “The only reason to be subservient to those with power is so that you can learn to someday take what they have.”

Unfortunately, like Reen’s words, most self-talk is self-destructive, self-punishing, or self-denigrating.

When we hear other people’s self-talk, we can usually recognize it and say to ourselves something like, “Well, that’s not really true, that’s just something you tell yourself.” Would any of you believe trusting always leads to betrayal, or ruthlessness is a practical emotion? Probably not, but Vin (at this point in the story) believes these things; they are part of her life-outlook.

But, people tend to believe their own self-talk. Most of the time it’s been given to them by other people they trust and probably, most of the time, those people have given those words to help. Reen told Vin these things to protect her.

Today’s Guiding Thought is about listening to your heart, then caring about others enough to be willing to listen to their hearts. What if when you listen to your heart, instead of hearing its love, you hear your own self-talk?

That’s sort of what happened to me this morning. I couldn’t make the coffee. I failed at making coffee. It was probably karma coming back to bite me. The

If I could make out the name on this... I would credit it! "Sweatpants & Coffee"
If I could make out the name on this…
I would credit it!
“Sweatpants & Coffee”

other day, a friend of mine posted this picture, along with the comment, “No I can’t. That’s why we have a coffee maker that I can fill & program the night before to make coffee for us the next morning”. When I saw this, internally, I was laughing at her, “Really? You can’t make coffee before coffee?? HAAAAAAA!”

But this morning, I could not make coffee. Three times. I made coffee three times and each one was a failure. First one was too weak, the second one, I forgot to put the carafe under the spout so it spilled all over the counter, and the third one, the filter folded down so the coffee was weak and had grounds in it. I thought, “I am a failure. This is so simple, and I’ve failed. How can I not be able to make coffee??”

My self-talk was about failure. I could feel it. I could feel that on some level, I was telling myself I was a failure. I knew, consciously I was just giving myself a hard time, but there was something more subtle going on.

But I recognized it, thank God. And I changed my dialogue.

One of my personal favorite thoughts is, “I learn things quickly”. I pay attention to lessons life is trying to teach me, and I learn—quickly. My philosophy (borne from experience) is if I learn things quickly and easily, life does not have to bang me over the head. Think about it: if you don’t get it the first time, it comes back more severely…and more severely… until you start to listen and get it. I listen and learn as quickly as I can, because I really don’t like hard lessons.

So when I couldn’t make the coffee this morning, I thought, “This must be something I need to pay attention to. This is SO easy, and I am not getting it! There must be something deeper I need to learn, something subtler than just coffee.”

Now, I am paying attention. What lesson am I learning? What is the coffee teaching me? I am successful. I will not allow coffee to tell me otherwise!

This song from Godspell went a long way to strengthen my thoughts about learning things quickly…enjoy!

“I can see a swath of sinners sitting yonder and they’re acting like a pack of fools—gazing into space and let their minds wander instead of studying the good Lord’s rules you better pay attention, build your comprehension. There’s going to be a quiz at your ascension. Not to mention any threat of hell, but if you’re smart you’ll learn your lessons well.

Every bright description of the promised land mentions you can reach it if you keep alert. Learning every line and every last commandment may not help you but it couldn’t hurt. First you gotta read ‘em, then you gotta heed ‘em.. You never know when you’re gonna need ’em Just as old Elijah said to Jezebel, you better start to learn your lessons well.”

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