Evolution, Cartoons, and Purpose

Will the real Jacknife please stand up- Crop


In 1998 I was a truck driver–over the road, 18 wheels, 48 states and Canada. I started a cartoon series called, “Journeys with Jacknife”, the Yoga-practicin’, Mantra-chantin’, Green tea-drinkin’ Truck Driver”. The series was about finding the Divine in the mundane, and/or bringing the Divine into daily life.

Do you see? I was doing then what I am doing now. Pretty much, anyway: a Journey consciously undertaken as an understanding of a personal connection with the Divine.

That was almost 20 years ago. It reminds me of lyrics from the Indigo Girls song, Watershed:

“When you’re learning to face the path at your pace
Every choice is worth your while.
Well there’s always retrospect to light a clearer path
Every five years or so I look back on my life
And I have a good laugh.
You start at the top, go full circle round
Catch a breeze, take a spill
But ending up where i started again makes me wanna stand still. (emphasis mine)

Clearly, I haven’t stood still. As my life has evolved, my understanding and expression of the journey has evolved too. And, I have definitely been learning to face the path at my pace. I have always been more of a turtle than a hare, and even so, I’ve taken my share of spills.

I went through several phases of wanting something quickly, to sprint for the finish-line, to be the hare rather than the turtle. But I found that method full of anxiety and stress. I was always thinking about what I needed to do to get it now, and if I didn’t what was wrong, and how to figure it out and fix it, and why it wasn’t happening exactly how I want it to, and as fast as I wanted it to?

Now, I just acknowledge the journey, and enjoy it so much more. This, right now, is the journey.

What is the journey? The journey is bringing the divine into daily life through you, as you. That is the ultimate journey for all of us. Finding and being more love, more light, more connected. Every moment is this journey, and the great thing is, it does not matter what you are actually doing, whether it’s driving a truck, being an administrator, or being a monk…or anything else.

I am finding this retrospective very timely, as we move into Journey of Purpose. I sometimes worry about the whole “standing still” thing, and ask, “What am I doing? How far have I come? Where am I going? Who am I supposed to be, what am I supposed to do?” And each time these questions come up, my answer to myself is always, “Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven”–or, in other words, seek the Divine within, express love in your life. This is how my life grows. This is how I evolve. This is how the journey unfolds. This is the purpose.

For your entertainment, I here submit the very first Journies [sic] with Jacknife:

Journies with jacknife - for Article_Page_1

Journies with jacknife - for Article_Page_2

Journies with jacknife - for Article_Page_3