Why a Journey of Purpose

Journey of Purpose can be used in several different ways.

First, it can be used to “find” purpose. If you are one of those people who has been looking for what’s missing, if you are looking for your purpose, this Journey keeps you focused intentionally on finding it.

Second, the Journey can be used to hone in on a deeper understanding of your purpose. If you already have an idea of what your purpose is, but you want to get more clear about how you bring it forth, how you be it, this Journey supports that.

Third, it can be used to remind you of your purpose. If you already know what your purpose is; if you understand how to bring it forth, but sometimes you feel carried away with life, or responsibility, or overwhelmed with having too much to do, the Journey serves as your reminder.

Fourth–and this is my current “Why a Journey of Purpose”–this Journey can be used to keep you solid, focused and completely on the path.

Fifth: How you use this Journey will depend on where you are in this process. Do you know? If you don’t know where you are then that is another way to use this Journey, to figure out where you are. The Journey unfolds itself. The process unfolds as you proceed, leading to new discoveries.

Process fascinates me. Watching something as it is now, but also seeing what it used to be and what it is becoming–or at least the possibilities toward which it is heading. Watching a process requires openness and awareness, as well as willingness to understand how things come together (without too much pre-conception or judgement).

You may have noticed that from first to fourth above is a process in and of itself. Here is how it has unfolded for me:

First, I had to find my purpose. I looked for my purpose for years and years; I asked, “What am I here to do? Who am I? What is my unique Divine expression that I give to the world?” The answer is: I am here to be Truly helpful. I want you to be happy; I want you to be free. I have understood this for a long time, but writing the afterword for Journey of the Heart reminded me: Like Green Tara, I am here to help ease suffering, to assist those who are striving to ease suffering, to be truly helpful to all beings who are seeking (in whatever way) their own freedom. I am here to be loving and compassionate, I am here to care; I am here to help, in some small way, others’ life-processes toward their own unique Divine expression.

> Slight tangent and *philosophy warning*– The first formulation of Kant’s Categorical Imperative is this (simply put): Would you want to live in a world in which everyone acts the way you choose to act? If, before taking any action, everyone asked themselves this question, and then acted only from an affirmative answer, the idea is that the world would be a better place. So, what if everyone in the entire world thought and acted from a position of wanting to be Truly helpful? What if everyone acted from a desire to ease suffering? What if everyone acted in loving and compassionate ways? This fulfills–for me–the necessary affirmative answer for Kant’s first formulation: I would want to live in a world where everyone acted from these cognitive precepts. <

Second, once I figured out what my purpose is–my own unique expression–I had to figure out how to be it: what form does it take? I had a good idea about what my purpose was before I had any clue how to express it. Now I know: these Journeys are my specific, intentional contribution. AND, there is another layer to this answer, which is: every moment is an opportunity to be Truly helpful, loving, kind, and compassionate. Even if you don’t know what you’re supposed to do (something I lamented for years!), you can always be the best you can be here and now.

Third, I spent a lot of time forgetting and needing to remember to be my purpose. Every moment there is a choice. Every situation there is a choice. With every interaction, there is a choice. What is the choice? Taking a step forward in the direction I want, standing still, or taking a step back. I had to remember to ask myself which path I was on and which direction I was headed. Sometimes I still forget. It has become much easier, much more natural, much more “instinctual” (if you will), for me to remain on the path I know I am on. But sometimes I still forget; I have to think about the choices before me, make a conscious decision, and I have to walk myself through wanting to make the “right” decision–the decision that keeps me moving in the direction I want. The Journeys keep the “right” decision easily accessible, in the forefront of my mind.

Fourth, after I started remembering regularly, I felt confident that I am on the path, naturally and easily. Sometimes it becomes difficult to stay solid; my certainty waivers, life throws me curve balls. People disappoint you. Healing happens and emotions overwhelm…it feels like SO MUCH, so much responsibility, so much to do, so much to heal.  This is different than number three above; with this number four, there is remembrance, but there is still doubt. I do not yet have unshakeable faith, but I am working on it. That is why this is my “Why a Journey of Purpose.” I am working on faith. I am working on commitment. I am working on steadfast dedication.

Fifth: I don’t yet know what the fifth is. I am not “there” yet. But I am adding it to indicate that there’s more! …there’s always more!

I am here to be Truly helpful; I want you to be happy; I want you to be free. That is my purpose. May I be it in my heart, in my mind, and in my actions, more and more, better and better, as I move through the next 51 days, and thereafter. 

Do you have questions about your own process? Do you seek clarification? Do you want a sounding board? Email me, susanwithpearls@gmail.com.