“Again, The Irony!”: Journey of Worth 2.0 – Day 23

Copyright Tam Black 2016 Designed for susanwithpearls.com
Copyright Tam Black 2016
Designed for susanwithpearls.com

Cracking The Oyster

Happy Sunday! Welcome to Day 23!

What a crazy few days it’s been around here! The articles have been posted late, tags and categories are missing, I haven’t been writing intros…

Truth be told, Susan has been really busy with “real” work, which makes getting this done just a little slower. It means…Susan ends up posting the articles when they’re finished w/out me looking over them to make sure there are no major grammatical errors; it also means I don’t end up posting to my FB page, therefore no “cracking o’ the oyster”.

The irony is…there is quite possibly future change afoot; it would be very good change, actually! But change is change and change can be scary, even when good if only because there are so many unknowns. Well…“cheers” to change!!!

Grab yourself a temperature appropriate beverage, get to your favorite cushy reading spot, and as always…




Guiding Thought

We know our Self when we share our Self. As we give our Self, we see our Source returned to us. All that is Whole, all that is Beauty, all that is Holy, reflects back to us in the Joy of Being, in the brilliance of Life, in the Unity of Self. We choose to share only the Self of Beauty, Wholeness, and Joy, that we may Know our Self as Beauty, Wholeness, and Joy.



“I am a human being, not a human doing!” This quote, popularized by Dr. Wayne Dyer, is used a lot these days to emphasize the need to slow down and appreciate the small things in life, to remain calm and centered, or to not be so damn busy that life just seems chaotic. It’s the latest twist on “stop and smell the flowers”.

There is some irony here, I think. In order to be, here and now in this stillness, in this place of peace and calm, centered and balanced, one must do the things necessary to get here and remain here. It’s not like (in today’s world of business, television, internet, consumerism), people can just be without putting any effort into it. Hell, I work hard at it, and I still have trouble.

But my point is, it takes action to cultivate a state of being. More specifically, it takes action in the direction of stillness and Peace, to achieve a sense of being, and especially to maintain it over any period of time. This is why people meditate, right? To experience that place of balance, harmony, peace, stillness, or “no mind”, so they can identify with it and then replicate it during times when they are not meditating.

The idea is that being is a natural, joyful, peaceful state. The reason we have trouble “just being” is because we choose to do other things with our minds and actions. But when we make the choice to use our minds and actions to produce that state of being, first we have to fight against all of the mental and physical habits we have created against it in the first place. That’s why it can be so hard to meditate, or to contemplate, or pray, or sit in church for an hour. We’ve allowed our mental and physical habits to take us away from that place of peace, and those same habits rail against us when we try to change them. (This is also why I encourage people to just start, start where you can.)

Then, after changing your habits, and taking control of your mind (like a child, you need to teach it gently), there comes a point where the balance shifts, and you are no longer fighting against those habits. That is when it becomes easier, overall. There can still be bumps and regression and ebbs, but you break through, and the new habits become easier, while the old habits fade.

You begin to experience the results of the work because you have set your mind and actions on a different direction, one of peace and joy and being.

It’s true: being is natural. But getting there is work (again, the irony!).

Everything you put out reflects back to you. Whatever you are sharing with others is what you are putting out, is what is returning to you. Take some time to see yourself as Whole, as Beautiful, as Holy. This is the Truth of you, this is you being. See it that way, see yourself that way. Let it return to you. Recognize it when it arrives. Then share some more and more and more.

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