Better put your seat belt on for this one: Journey of Worth 2.0 – Day 26

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Guiding Thought

We are ALL One. We are not alone. Alone becomes All One in Unity and Healing. I am that which you are, which we become, together. There is no separation—we mend the pieces: At One there are no limits, at One there are no boundaries. At One we are free—together.


I ask you to imagine this Guiding Thought. Oneness can be such a tough concept to imagine, but go into that creative part of your brain, open your heart, and let’s see if we can get closer to feeling it together.

Let’s start with we are ALL One. You may imagine this with the imagery of an ocean, each of us drops, together making up the vastness of ocean. I prefer to think of it this way: I see myself; I see you; I see my friends, family, and co-workers; I extend my vision and imagine I can see everyone on earth–every man, woman, and child–in my mind’s eye. Even if I can’t see everyone, I pretend like I can. I begin with all of us as discrete and independent beings.

Then, I imagine something that I would describe as a thin atmospheric layer that exists above all of us, everywhere, around the entire planet. This layer is only about 2 feet deep, and it “flows”, it circulates. It is energy and substance, intelligence and consciousness, it is vibration and color. It is the essence of what some call the Christ Presence or the Buddha Nature, or the Higher Self. It floats right there, touching the tops of our heads, all of us, everywhere. It mingles with our energy, to the degree that we invite and allow it.

As someone, anyone, consciously and intentionally opens to that energy that flows above us, and invites It in, It surrounds that person, mingling with their own energy, entering into their personal physical energy-flow.

This invisible substance is our Oneness. It is the ocean to our drops. Its essence is our Unity; in It, we are One; through it, we know ourselves as One; we recognize It in others, and Know It as ourselves.

Herein lies the healing, and the need for healing. Generally speaking, people do not recognize their own unity in another. People see only the physical body, each of us as discrete and independent beings. But in this essence, I am that which you are, in essence.

So what does it mean, in this scenario to heal, or to mend the pieces? First, I must do the work of reaching and letting go within myself; in other words, I must work on healing my own inner hurts and fragments, to make myself Whole, to know myself as Whole, and to express my wholiness. This (these Journeys) is one way I work on this daily.

The next step is to imagine myself working on myself in that same way, for you. Right now, I am at a point, where I have worked through a lot of issues on feeling unwanted, feeling overlooked, unlovable, and worth-less. Having worked on those things within myself, I now have an understanding of how other people may feel, and I want to help them not feel that way–just as I no longer feel that way. So I imagine…

Since we are One in the essence of the energy that surrounds us, I can imagine the healing I do for me, within me, I am also doing for you, within you. We are One, why not?

Now, I’m going to take this idea to its logical conclusion, then explain why that conclusion is not (yet) a reality.

The logical conclusion is this: It only takes one person to heal and unite everyone on the planet through this energy, through Oneness. That’s right. In fact, I would say another conclusion is that everyone on the planet already has been healed, completely, and that we are all Whole and Holy, because at least one person has done it for everyone on the planet.

>Yeah. Right.< I know, I know, it’s unbelievable, isn’t it? It’s unbelievable because you don’t see it, because we still see and experience pain and suffering and alienation and fragmentation.

So, if it’s done, why isn’t it done? I’m going to tell you:

Let’s start with you, as an example. You work hard to purify yourself, like the glass of muddy water:

Picture a glass filled with muddy water. Some of the mud has settled on the bottom of the glass, some of the mud drifts around in the water. Now imagine pure, clean water being poured into this glass; what happens? First it stirs up the mud, making the water look even murkier. But eventually, as the water level rises and begins to spill out over the lip of the glass, the mud also begins to flow out of the container. The mud that flows out is correlated to the amount and intensity of the amount of pure, clean water that flows in. If there is a strong, steady stream of pure, clean water, the mud flows out rapidly; if there is a slow dribble of pure, clean water, the displacement of mud is also slow. Whatever the pace, with enough time and addition of pure, clean water, eventually all of the mud washes out, and in the glass is left only pure, clean water. (see: Bless The Water for the full article)

The water in your glass is clear! YAY!

But we are One:

26 cascade

My mud is your mud is our mud until ALL our glasses are pure. Really. What we have to heal individually is also in the collective consciousness. You know this. Just because you are free from mental and emotional fetters, you know people who have not freed themselves. Until they are free too, you are still fettered. Sorry to break that to you.

Ok, so then, let’s say EVERYONE works to purify their glass. Imagine THAT MOMENT, when everyone on the entire planet says to themselves, “Today, I release all bonds, I choose to purify my mind/body/emotions right now. In the Name of (whatever name of) God, who is Divine Love and Oneness, I decree, I am pure! Let it be done, and so it is!” According to what I wrote above, that should do it, right? Everyone’s glass is pure all at the same time! Done!

But, no. I mean, maybe, but, unfortunately that’s not the only factor.

You see, we all have free will. And individual thoughts. And individual habits. And individual impressions that have been imprinted within our energy/mind/emotions for a long, long time.  When I say “let it be done, and so it is” right now, it is done. It is. But then, a new moment comes into being and unless I hold onto that “let it be done, and so it is” in that next moment, I can lose/forget what just happened in that last moment. The choice for purity, for freedom, for Love, for Oneness to be, must be here, now, eternal and infinite, in all of us, everywhere, for all time. Whew.

So you see, when you are purifying yourself, you may also be continuing to create/recreate/mis-create in other areas where your own awareness/light has not yet reached. And, as you work through the Essence to heal others, they might be creating/re-creating/mis-creating despite your best efforts.

We are doing this work for everyone. You know this, too. We are drops of water in the top glass of the mass consciousness champagne cascade. Maybe by now we are a trickle. But, there are a lot of glasses beneath us. The good news is, we are not actually the top glass; there are lots of glasses above us, doing this work, for us too.


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