2016 Journey of Healing Declaration,Commitment, and Dedication


Today, I declare my intention to Know myself as Love, and to do whatever it takes to find and transmute the barriers I have created within myself to knowing myself as the Love I am. I declare myself free from imaginary bonds that would negate my Divine Self. I declare myself whole, holy, healthy, the abode of Love, the life of Love.


First, I am committed to fulfilling 40 days of meditation/contemplation and writing with focus, engagement, and involvement in the exploration and discovery of my own healing.

Second, in my ongoing commitment to the enlightenment of everyone on the planet, I commit again to doing a daily prayer/mediation for the 7.125 billion people on the planet. Join me for this if you like with a simple prayer such as:

May forgiveness, healing, and freedom enter the minds and hearts of all beings, that we may all learn to use the light and love within us to the fullest, in the cause of Love and Freedom on earth. May all men, women, and children on earth know Love; enable each person to know that Love’s healing presence will always bring happiness, and release from anything that is not of the light. Enfold every person in the power of light, and transmute all imperfection in their lives through Divine Order, with Divine Love. (adapted from Patricia Cote Robles).

Third, I continue in my commitment to the practice of earth, and will continue to work out and eat “really” healthy.


I dedicate this Journey to you and to your healing. May you know yourself as the Love you are; may all pain or suffering you experience be transmuted by Love, to Love. May you know yourself as vibrant, radiant health within and without.

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