“Healing’s as Varied as Motivations Are”: Journey of Healing 2.0 – Day 03

Copyright Tam Black 2016 Designed for susanwithpearls.com
Copyright Tam Black 2016
Designed for susanwithpearls.com

Guiding Thought

I rely on my own Loving Presence to lead and guide me toward the meaning of healing. Seeking the meaning of healing frames all my activity and gives context to all my interactions. Though I may encounter disturbances throughout daily activity, I lay them at the feet of my own Loving Presence and continue to ask, “What is healing?” My own Loving Presence directs me as I listen in the stillness.



I feel better today. Emotionally I am more balanced, mentally I am more alert, and physically I feel good. I feel motivated. I feel inspired. I feel ready. What a change from yesterday!

Three days spent on asking “what is healing”…is this overkill? I forgot this is how we begin each round of this Journey.

I do not, by the way, think it’s overkill. Here’s why:

There are as many different ways of healing as there are people in the universe. Each of us has our own unique situations, circumstances, and life-path.

Each of us has different things to heal. Some of us are working on healing our minds, some our hearts, some our bodies, some our souls. Some of us have overt symptoms, some only subtle inklings that “something is going on”.

There are dozens of ways to approach healing and to be healed. Exercise can be healing. Changing diet can be healing. Prayer can be healing. Gardening can be healing. What is healing for you? (That may be what you are discovering through this Journey!)

Since everyone is different, and everyone is healing something different from a different approach, the erasing then asking your own Loving Presence is what works for everyone! Because this is how everyone will get individualized answers which conform to the individual situation. Yet, we’re all in this together…you’ve gotta love it.

Whatever it is that you are healing, whatever reason you are here, I have a message for you: You deserve to be Whole, Holy, Healthy. You did not “do something” to deserve suffering of any kind. Suffering is not punishment for anything. You are Loved infinitely; you are infinite Love.

Yesterday I mentioned healing information has been crossing my path since beginning this Journey; here are some phrases that have come up repeatedly, recently:


Vibrant health

Eternal youth

Infinitely perfect

Healthy radiance


Those words feel so good to me. They give me hope. They give me confidence. They give me motivation!

I am beginning to get a picture of what healing means to me currently (because when I do this Journey again, and clear the slate again, and ask the questions again…it will most likely be different. Hell, it may be different in round 2 or 3, when I clear the slate and ask the questions again.)

The picture that is shaping up conforms to my shift in practice from water to earth, from bathing to exercise. Healing seems to be needed in my physical self. The book I mentioned yesterday is all about healing physical illness, yet, I don’t have any illness that I know of, and (yet again), the book is speaking very loudly to me.

I am and have been very healthy physically, and yet, I am being drawn to wanting to heal physically. I am a bit perplexed, but I am going with it. If I am asking (which I am), and being lead (which feels like I am), I will follow my inner prompting–especially if it is to continue to clean up my diet (my diet is already pretty good, but it can always be better!).

Now, I have to confess, that I took a break from the exercise (only 3 days, but still). This is how it goes, sometimes. Sometimes, there is a pull-back, or a pause, or a barrier, or an obstacle, or some de-motivator; it happens. It can happen physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. It’s ok. Stick with it, keep going. Allow that pause (or obstacle, or de-motivator) to become part of the process. Look at it. Watch it. Continue reading your commitment and dedication. Then get back to it, when you’re ready. Let it go and move forward, keep moving forward. It’s all part of the Journey. How is yours going after 3 days?

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