“It’s up to me”: Journey of Healing 2.0 – Day 04

Copyright Tam Black 2016 Designed for susanwithpearls.com
Copyright Tam Black 2016
Designed for susanwithpearls.com


Guiding Thought

To heal and be healed is to be aware; to understand, and to Know Wholeness.  Thus I seek Wholeness, Unity, Oneness within my own mind and heart, and in all my actions and affairs. I focus on uniting the fragments within myself, so that I see only Oneness, which is the Truth of my Self. As I Know myself as the Oneness that I am, this Truth reflects in the world around me, confirming what I Know through my experience and life activity. 



I read the first sentence and thought, “I don’t know…there’s got to be more to it than that…” This was not, however, the doubt and skepticism it sounds like. It was genuine curiosity about what is really going on, what the Truth is, and how I can understand what healing is.

You see, recently I’ve been feeling a bit conflicted about this Journey being so mental, when I, and so many people, think of healing as physical. We all know that there are many types of healing, there is emotional healing, soul healing, heart-healing, psychological healing; but most generally, when people think about health, it’s all about the physical. So, isn’t it a bit misplaced for me to be so focused on concepts, rather than concrete, tangible things and actions that people need for healing?

These conflicted thoughts were also the reason for my initial reaction to the first sentence. How can I claim Wholeness is healing, when that does not move people closer to actual physical healing?

The thing is, I actually do think it’s right: Wholeness is healing. Wholeness is Holy, is Divine Health. I also think the mental does move people closer to actual physical healing, but it’s not direct, and I think it’s easy for people to overlook, or fail to take responsibility for it. The mental is just the first step; a person must act; a person must choose to act.

I just don’t understand or know enough yet for physical healing to materialize immediately in my life, in my world. I don’t get it. Yet. But that’s what this Guiding Thought is all about, isn’t it? —Seeking Wholeness within my mind and heart, in all my actions and affairs.

This is why I am incorporating more earth practices in my daily routine. Earth is about the body, about living in the world, working, having relationships, doing what it takes to live fully in a body, all my actions and affairs. I know that I need to integrate healing the mind-emotions-spirit into my physical body.

My mind, body, and soul, are all my responsibility. In a way, I have a responsibility to my mind, emotions, and soul to bring my body to Wholeness. If I am going to work so hard on lifting my heart and mind to new levels of understanding, I should work just as hard to incorporate new levels of understanding Wholeness into my body. What does my body need to be whole? How have I fragmented my body? What is going on in this physical vehicle that needs to be transmuted?

Despite all of the vacillations within medical research, there are some things that I think are probably right: for example, fluoride in the water is not good for the body. Aluminum poisons the nervous system when ingested. Processed white sugar, particularly that made from GMO sugar beets, wreaks havoc on the body. Alcohol suppresses the immune system.

I have minimized most of these things in much of my diet. But not completely. And, what damage was done inside me when I was still drinking out of aluminum cans, or eating more commercial sugar, that has never been repaired? How do I need to heal my body that I am not even aware of?

Just as these Journeys are a proactive way to heal the mind and heart by consistently focusing on Whole and Loving thoughts, there are proactive things to do to repair damage done within the body.

As my Healing consciousness elevates, it tugs at me to get my body elevated also. My body needs to heal, so that it can hold the energy of my elevated consciousness, so that it can channel, reflect, and transmit the energy of more Love, more Wholeness, so I can be the change I am effecting.

Some other things that I also believe to be true, despite varied fads and opinions: Fruits and vegetables nourish the body with natural, unadulterated vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Certain herbs and teas “flush” toxins out of the body.

It doesn’t do me any good to think really high and loving thoughts, then act competitively with my co-workers. It doesn’t do me any good to talk about Oneness, then pick a fight in my relationship. It doesn’t do me any good to talk about health and continue to eat GMO sugar, drink alcohol, or drink fluoridated water.

As above, so below, but it must be me who makes the decision to act in a consistent way with the “as above”. It’s up to me. If I am going to talk about healing, ask for healing, then I need to be prepared to act in a healing way toward my body. That means increasing the things that support my physical health, and decreasing the things that suppress my immune system, or leave toxins in my tissues.

This is going to be a big part of this Journey. It means changing habits and making adjustments.  I don’t know if I am ready, but I’ll do the best I can.


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